Thursday, February 20, 2014

Playing A Guitar

I don't know how to play the real guitar, but I know how to play Guitar Hero game. Ironic, I know!! Music-based games like Guitar Hero, which let me play along to popular songs with fake instruments. By playing it, it's kind of fun to imagine, to play like a real rockstar. It still is great you rock midi guitar, but for now,  I settle to play the guitar hero game.

Life In The Aviary (part1)

It feels like heaven to me when I was in the aviary surrounded by with these beautiful birds. I spotted a squirrel who join the birds company so they can have food. I wonder how the squirrels get into the aviary cage. Anyway, I'm glad their friends. I saw how the birds allows the squirrels to share their food. Which shows how animals has sense of compassion. 

Travel Period: January 2014

Home Appliances

Can you imagine if a house without any entertainment appliances? I don't think anyone can live without a TV or computer, nowadays, every households have home entertainment appliances to obviously entertain the family, friends, and guests, even if it is a cheap keyboard at musicians friend everybody needs something to enjoy ourselves. On our fast pace kind of living everybody needs entertainment to relax, to forget the problems, just to have fun.

Key Lime Cheesecake

Cheesecake is so delicious! Like cakes, pies, and any other pastries, cheesecake is my addiction. Sounds not good. I have to admit that I watch my intakes, at least I eat a slice a week. Discipline is the key before its too late.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Product Brands

More people nowadays are brand conscious because of the alluring presentation of otherwise normal looking things. Brands attract people by using pretty models or well known celebrities. Another reason is that people are succumbed by peer pressure. If my friend owns iPhone instead of Motorola, or KEF instead of yamaha msr800w at guitar center should I get the same too? Of course not! Whatever really works for me is what I am gonna get, not based on other peoples opinion.

Aviary in Flamingo Gardens

Certainly these birds has a life. Thank god they found refuge at the Flamingo Gardens. They are well feed and love. 

Travel Period: January 2014

Tracy Anderson Dance Works Out

I don't know about you, but OMG this video inspires me to go back to exercise full time! I haven't done that for a while- used to do dance and upper & lower body muscles strengthening using the wii exercises module. After a while I get so tired when I arrived home after work, for I am not being able to continue my exercises routine regularly. Though, I jog and walk once in a while, but I think I need to get a salsa lessons in los angeles via online so I can get my groove back.

The song on the video makes me wanna dance. Alright then,  let me off and do that. :)


I prefer my pizza hot and thin. I always hear people loudly profess their loves for cold pizza. Cold pizza? I think that is nasty, but that's what they like, who cares! Plain cheese or sausage pizza is my ultimate favorite. I would be fine eating it everyday, but I just can't do it, it is not healthy.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Sound of Music

There is a whole lot of music out there, that's why I am curious about all the music in the world. Thank god for the technology I can search and listen to it via Youtube! Traditional music is very unique, some of the instruments they use are not familiar like the shekere. It amaze me that simple instrument can make beautiful sound. That is interesting. You see, music is a vital part of our everyday life. Music speaks for beliefs, values, and feelings. It really is a universal language.

Flamingo Gardens: Random Birds

I have never seen such a beautiful birds before until I visit Flamingo Gardens. They've rescued numerous of beautiful birds that are from different species. I'm glad that these birds are now safe, cured, and living in a safe home. I enjoyed watching them happy and secure.

Travel Period: January 2014

Pop Culture

Pop culture and house music are now intertwined more than ever before and that many people are loving it including myself. Well, actually my husband introduced me this kind of music, you know, those DJs who spins their bcf2000 equipment to come out an electronic dance music is also classified as techno music (whatever that means). Now, I become hooked to it. I like to listen the upbeat dance. My current favorite is Silk Road and Planes and Trains, and among others. Great music, indeed!

Florida Birds Of Prey

There is a large selection of different species of birds of prey living in the Florida Everglades. Below photos are one of the wild birds who are rescued by the people in Flamingo Gardens. 





Travel Period: January 2014

Monday, February 17, 2014

Harbinger Speaker

I don't think it's hard to find gifts for men. In my opinion, men are in fact the most easiest to get. Men are not complicated than women because we don't have to deal with emotional feelings with them. They could careless. When I buy gifts for the husband usually I bought him personalized stuff like his favorite carton characters figure, or clothes, or shoes, this time, I bought him a harbinger at guitar center speaker so he can listen of his favorite music with a great audio effect.

Vendor at the Flamingo Garden

This is maybe the coolest vendor stall I have ever seen in my entire life. Orange design. I wonder if he sells orange juice? :) I was in a tram when I snap this photo. It's a shame I didn't get a chance to stop by here after our tram trip.

Anti Bark Collars

Barking is important means of communication for dogs. No one should expect a dog to never bark. If humans talk, dogs bark, is simple as that. Dogs bark for many reasons. Dogs can bark excessively and sometimes inappropriately. Take action now and control your dog's excess barking by seeking professional help, or, click for anti bark collars for dogs that address his training needs.

Random Wild Animals in Flamingo Gardens

Flamingo Gardens is a sanctuary of everglades wildlife animals. All of these wildlife are permanently injured, non-releasable animals. They are providing a safe refuge for these animals, including some of Florida's threatened and endangered species.

Travel Period: January 2014


A symphony orchestra may at first appear to be a fairly simple operation, but it takes an enormous community of people, instruments and equipments to bring life to great music. From the musicians, music directors, stage crew, technicians, lighting, music stand lights, coordinators, etc., together they work like a complex machine where each part is useless without the other. Producing quality classical music and the roles of the stakeholders is indeed complex. That's why it is worth it to watch an orchestra show.