Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Once again my husbands birthday has come, and we are celebrated it yesterday. He is now turning 30 years old [he should be thankful that he found me before he become a bachelor's member]. He he he. Noh.. I'm just kidding. I am anyway lucky to be part of his life, to celebrate together by the lovely gifts from God.

He got this presents from me [photos below].
His lying on the couch while opening the gifts because he had a terrible back ache. But I'm glad he is fine. He still manage to smile on the camera after all.. that's my boy! He he he

Photos below taken during lunch at Olive Garden with mommy and grandma. They cooked very delicious food, a bowl of salad and a plate of bread are refillable, I love it! We are all having a fine dinning on my husband birthday celebration.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Happy Valentines Day to all!
I felt so special today. My family and friends gave me lots of surprises! I have so much love and that makes me so happy. They showed it to me by giving me special things to remind me their love. Of course my husband didn't forget as i thought he were. This morning he greet me and while driving going to work he started a conversation that made me upset. I was mad at him because he didn't listening to me. When we were in the office our friend D called me to go to her corner and so when I went back to my table I saw presents! It was a stuff toy, a box of chocolates, a ring and cards coming from my husband. I'm surprised! My office mates teased me and laughed at me while seeing those stuffs. They actually envious me. Hehehe. I ran to my husbands office to hug him. Is in it romantic??? ha! I'm speechless.

Not only that, our boss in the office gave us (only ladies) a flowers. I got a beautiful pink roses from our boss today.

Later in the afternoon today, my husband and I went to his families house for dinner. My mother in law and grandmother gave me a Victoria Secret tee shirt and my husband got a book and chocolates.

My first valentine here in US was memorable one specially I am now with my husband. I'll forever treasure these.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007


Last night my husband took me out to dine in the Japanese restaurant. He remembered the date when we first met in person and that was February 7, 2006 (American time). It's been one year since then to yesterday and it is so special for us because that same day we got engaged. Imagine how courageous my husband to flight more than 24 hours from thousands miles away. And braved enough to go to my place in south Mindanao, Philippines knowing about the "bad reports" spreading around the country that many terorist's living there. Inspite of that he came to see me with my family. When I saw him, I felt his love and I am the most happiest person on earth on that certain day. We are so blessed to have each other especially now we are married. Memories brings us joy, and that is unforgetable.

Our very first picture together

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


It has my dreamt became true when I visited Walt Disney Parks last October 2006. I am lucky because here in Florida states, where I lived now had the biggest Disney Parks of all Disney's not only "Land" but "World", Disney World.

Above is Cinderella Castle Disney theme parks have engaged high technology, and storytelling to convey guests away to fantastic places. The attractions are not only for the children but also for adults. This place have lots of fun, magic, stories, foods and merchandises. My husband and I booked one (1) week to their one of the beautiful hotels inside Disney World Resorts. We stayed in Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter. We bought package deal @ $2,000 box in order to get their privileges whenever we go to their parks. Indeed we are enjoyed the privileges we got from them. We can get fast pass to every rides we went too instead to fell the long lines waiting to get inside the ride. We can even take twice to every rides they have to their parks. I enjoyed every single day staying here in Disney's. One of my unforgetable experienced I had.


What can I say, well.. it's one of a kind high tech ride I've ever seen. Is a groundbreaking and replicates space travel with an astonishing degree of reality, figuratively and literally takes your breath away. Take a look the photo attached here is in it interesting??

The story was we riders act like an astronaut, and our mission is to go to space. Before that we need to study first what our mission and they taught us how to become an astronaut. Every riders had a team composed of five (5) persons. Each of us have to perform our duty as a crew member; like a pilot, navigator, etc. But we warn us to back out if we have motion sickness or heart problem or with high blood pressure. I'm a little nervous because the spaceship itself makes me scared, the capsule is very confining but in my mind this is interesting and my opportunity to know how being an astronaut.

Inside the small capsule or spaceship we sat in front of the monitor and then the crew warn us to pay attention to every instructions they ask for us. When they closed the door that was it. I'm nervous ed and shaking. I can't even stand or moved because my seat belt was so tight and the capsule itself was so small. When it started to liftoff our chairs was spinning, I felt the motion of being riding so fast going to the universe. Then I heard the voice over said, not to close our eyes and keep focus straight ahead to the monitor. When I saw the monitor there are clouds, we passed the sun and its hot! there are stars, the moon and then finally the planets. It's fantastic, for me it's liked almost real! It's more than roller coaster. I felt a little bit dizziness right after but I manage to over come it, at least I experienced to be an astronaut.


If we're talking about Disney World, Soarin is one of the best rides that you should not missed to go. It's cool! very very cool!
I myself enjoyed the ride every single minute of it. Maybe because one of my interest is to see other places, and this is it SOARIN! When I am inside the place of SOARIN, I felt like I am in the airport. I passed ticketing booth, there are monitors shown and pictures of famous cities in USA on every corner of the hall way, they have stewardess and pilots. It's awesome! So, when the ride started the lights are off and it's totally dark while our chairs elevated and suddenly the gigantic 3d monitor was on. It showed different famous cities in the USA with all the sounds and effects. Liked San Francisco bridge, while I am soaring up on high the bridge is like real! The ocean is moving there are cars passing on the bridge. They showed Alaska state, we were freezing because it's snowing I really felt the cold. In the end everybody was clapping their hands, it's like standing ovation. It's fun. But if you are afraid of high, I don't think you will appreciate SOARIN.

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Travel Period: October 2006

Monday, February 05, 2007



At first I have no idea what's inside of this building. I thought it's a concert hall because I heard a rock music outside. I'm thinking of roller coaster at Magic Mountain in California an outdoor ride. Anyway, the ambiance was cool very very awesome! Inside, there are pictures of different super star singers. Their platinum albums, and music instruments. There is music studio. And yes, we went to a music studio room, Aerosmith band was there (on a huge screen). They record a song. While we are inside the music studio Aerosmith lead vocalist talked to us about their music and unfortunately they can not stay long for us because they will have a concert, so they have to go. Since he is so kind to us, he gave us a free ticket to watch their concert and free ride to their limousine but we have to be there on time before the concert start. That's how the roller coaster ride story began.

It's indoor roller coaster ride by the way, so I expected darkness. We be seated with body protection and seat belt. Remember we need to hurry to catch the concert of Aerosmith. And so the ride runs so fast like in 460 mph. I couldn't breath because of the air impact. Its scary but I had a lot of fun.


One of the famous rides in Disney World. The story of these ride was happening in the hotel (take note: as you can see in the photo the building is not just an ordinary but it's like a real hotel). Inside of that building was so beautiful! They have a receptionist wearing an extra ordinary dress uniform. I felt like, I'm not going on a ride. Anyway, while at the lobby the receptionist guided us to enter in the elevator and then we went to another floor. When we were there one of their staff toured us and then we went to the room. Inside the room was full of books, the light was dimmed and there is TV. Suddenly he told us to pay attention to the TV monitor cause his gonna play a video about the story of that hotel happened in L.A a long long time ago. I was shocked to what I saw cause I knew what will gonna happen next. So after that we enter to the elevator we went to another floor. This time we instructed be ready ourselves for a ride and reminded us to back out if we have high blood pressures or heart problem. I am lucky because I don't have that both. But honestly I felt so nervous. I need to prove myself that I can make it. Anyhow, when we are ready the staff let us enter to the elevator again, this time with chairs and seat belts. While seated suddenly the lights in the elevator was off and on and then our chairs moved slowly going to each room of the building. I saw different statue it's like they are real people. It was a haunted hotel! Gee... I was so scared when our chairs stopped in the elevator and saw the entire people outside, the trees and the other buildings of MGM STUDIOS PARK! We are on top of the hotel open elevator. Everybody on the ride started screaming while hold their hands up except me and my husband because I hold his hand so tight and shouted "Oh my God"!!!!! And then the elevator suddenly moved up and down of the building so fast like 6 times. How scary is that ha?! (Murag matanggal ako tinae!) Hehehe.


Only ride I refused to go because I don't want to get wet. Period.


This is one of my favorite rides in Disney World because it is not so scary compared to the other rides. Only my butt hurt because the railroad.


First time I saw this was I thought is a rock climbing but it's a ride. The concept of the ride was pretty cool! They have a beautiful ambiance, it's liked a real camp of mountaineering in Nepal. I saw a huge Buddha (a symbol of Nepal's God) in the main entrance, they said the mountaineering pray to that Buddha first before they climb to Mt. Everest. Anyway, inside the camp I saw many gadget's from the clothes to every little things needed by the mountaineers when they climb. It's a true museum so beautiful! Also learned the story about YE DI (the monster lives in the Everest mountain). Finally, after touring the camp it is my turn now to take on the ride. I was quite excited to tour the mountain at that time. When finally the ride start to go, it went inside the cold mountain very slowly while I heard a voice in the background telling us about the happening of Mt. Everest Expedition story. It's like real! It's very very cold inside the mountain, painted all white like snow. In fact I felt the water dropped to my body because the fake snow is melting! Until our ride and so my body pulling up up slowly to the mountain so high. This time everyone start shouting! Because the voice over to the background said stop the ride because the YE DI is coming! The YE DI appeared makes scared out to death!

Travel Period: October 2006

Sunday, February 04, 2007


Finding job here in US is not really difficult compared to Pinas. As long as you are not picky and not looking for the best jobs fits you, you can have work very easily. No races, gender and age discrimination. And most of all NO PLEASING PERSONALITY and DEGREE HOLDER required. As long as you are capable to work you are IN! Or else SEE YOU IN COURT! if one of the company refuse and discriminate you.

I observed many students (from junior high school) work part time. Some may not continue to study because they are already earning. Also I saw an old lady (she seems to me a senior citizen already) worked as bank teller in Bank of America. Another old gentleman (again, looks senior citizen to me) worked in the supermarket as a baggier. To my surprised, I saw a dwarf (unano) person in that supermarket wearing a nice uniform, rooming around like a supervisor! (Hm.. mm.. di kaya? nag wonder jud ko!) But when I asked help to get a sale cookies, a person accommodated me is a real supervisor who looks like retarded. I'm serious. So I said to myself "This country is very interesting"!

Everyone has equal (well, regardless of the salary) rights. No calling authority by "sir" or "ma'am", it's by their name. You can get promotions easily and to fired you so quickly!


Although we found these banners or call attention sinages very outrageous and hilarious, people made this are serious. (Ayaw katawa diha! mga bisdak ra kasabot!) Hehehe.

my comments: Hahahaha estrikta ra kaau oi!

my comments: Hahahahahaha!

my comments: Hehehe bulgara oi!

my comments: Hahaha, bisayaa sa nag suwat oi!

my comments: suko na kaau ang tag-iya bah!

my comments: bicycle!! bisayaa jud oi!

my comments: sos, 10.00 ra man diay!

my comments: asa man ang pares ani noy?!

my comments: abi naku "Men In Black", "Men In Bulkit" ra man diay!

my comments: sweet shirt? basi sweatshirts!

my comments: unsa?! ded or dead or bed sheet? klaroha bah!