Saturday, March 24, 2007


Jordin Sparks of American Idol 6 last Tuesday performance was amazing!
She sang "I Who Have Nothing" original singer is Shirley Bassey. She is now my bet to be the next American Idol. Why? She has wonderful voice, and beautiful.

Blake Lewis of American Idol 6 last Tuesday performance was his best ever!
He sang "Time Of The Season" by Dave Matthews.

Friday, March 23, 2007


haagen-dazs ice cream and
benjerry ice cream

I'm currently in love with Haagen-Dazs ,and Ben and Jerry Ice cream. I can't resist the tempting flavors and taste they have! Ummmm...yummy! yummy! As a matter of fact I tried also the other brands but this two Ice cream brands I mentioned above was awesome!
But.. I'm still craving the "Quezo" flavor of Selecta Ice cream in Pinas which is also my favorite. Nothing can beat that.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Watched Hockey game last Saturday night at Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida. Atlanta Thrashers versus Florida Panthers.


Watched baseball Spring Training last Saturday, played by the St. Louis Cardinals versus the Baltimore Orioles.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yes, winter is over and now it is spring time! North America sets the clock 1 hour forward last sunday. So we are now [in Florida] 12 hours behind to the Philippines. Let say,7am tuesday Florida while 7pm tuesday Philippines. For me it is easy to remember the time differences between here to the Philippines.

Anyway, spring seasons begun late March to late June. It is between winter and summer. It begins to melting the winter snow. And the number of daylight hours increases during spring. That is why the sun is still up at 7:30pm here, it's like 4 in the afternoon. So we have long.... day!

Left photo taken at 7am, Right photo taken at 7pm.

Friday, March 09, 2007


PS2 (Play Station) has Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol. We just found out about this game and got interested to it, that is why my hubby decided to buy a copy for me. It's very awesome! I liked it a lot especially when the 3 judges; Randy, Paula and Simon gave their comments about my singing performance after. I liked when Randy said, " Yo dog! I like your performance today eventhough you sang it some pitchy but your great!" Daaa! recorded lang po yon! lol

click the link here for more AI PS2 feature game AI PS2

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


American Idol famous logo

It is a phenomenon show American have today. America's number 1 favorite show. A singing competition who will make American into a Hollywood Stardom. Thousands of American hopeful want to join these competition every seasons, big time! I myself hooked to watch this show even when I'm still in the Philippines. One thing I like is when they feature the actual auditions. Because you know, it's pretty obvious talaga na many people don't have talent enough to sing but still they auditioned and trying hard to empress the judges. And that is funny! If you know what I mean? lol is a sample video courtesy by YouTube, for you to find out what I'm talking FUNNY about.

Well, It has been awhile now since the AI running their program in America's prime time televisions. In fact, nakaka six (6) seasons na sila ngayon and the rating is still on top! Imagine? That there are estimated 30 million voters on every episodes of AI. No wonder why they are number one (1). But Oops!.. not only here in America but to some other countries also . Yeah, I'm not exaggerating... that is true! Australian Idol, Canadian Idol, Denmark Idol, Indonesian Idol not to mention Philippine Idol [hindi pahuhuli, ano fah?!! lol] and many more are also been doing the same kind of format of the AI show seeking of an idol to their country. I don't know if they have the same judge character like Simon Cowell.. Hmm.. sino kaya sa Philippines ang matapang na judges? Sayang hindi ko naabutan panoorin. At sumikat kaya ang winner ng Philippine Idol?? Sana..

AJ Tabaldo:FILAM contestant
You know what? When it comes to singing competition kahit saan mo ilagay ang Pinoy hindi talaga pahuhuli angmga Pinoy dyan, and that also makes me proud of.
Speaking of Pinoy mostly seasons of AI merong FILAM na nakasama sa top 20. In fact Jasmine Trias a FILAM base in Hawai made it to the top 3 during season 3, while Jennifer Hudson didn't make it. Furthermore to that, this season a FILAM AJ Tabaldo of California are one of the top 20 contestants who is unfortunately voted off last week. Sayang kasi may talent sya maganda raw boses nya, very confident according to the three judges kaso lang ang sambayanang America ay karamihan ayaw sa kanya. Na surprised yong tatlong judges kasi gusto nila si AJ. Sometimes we can say in every competition like this na binoboto yong base lang sa looks not more on their talent. So far I dont have any hint who will made it to the top, don't have favorite either. It's too early to pick a choice while they just started. But if AJ will not voted out? Of course his my Idol! lol Pinoy gud ni! lol

Sunday, March 04, 2007


My mother in law with O'z the bird:
She is a vegetarian and animal lovers. These are her pets, the birds, cat and fish .

The Fishes:

This is Harry, a female bird:

Harry is a shy kind of bird. She does'nt like to go out to their cage. She's very private not unlike Oz who always wants attention.

This is OZ, a male bird:
O'z is sweet, hyper, adorable, talented, flirty bird.. he says, "Hello!" whenever he saw us. His very talented by singing his own tune. He sounds like Celine Dion a male bird version. He he he. He such a sweetheart.

A very handsome CAT. Who likes to eat and sleep. Moody but sweet.

Thursday, March 01, 2007


This is our dog STORMY a Cockapoo Dog. She's 8 years old.
click photo to view large
First time I met her talagang nakakagaan ng loob. Because she is adorable and little, not harmful looking. I am actually afraid of dogs for some reasons, that is why I used to have cats back in my home Philippines. But now love ko sya... Stormy is my baby. I liked to go home from work cause she was going crazy to greet us with my husband! As in super happy sya nakakatuwa. To me she is such like a human being, very smart! She knew when my husband got angry with her like if she innocently make mistakes example when she ate our toilet papers? She immediately run to our closet room and hide underneath the hanging clothes. Also she knew when we leave her usually she looks sad but now she went to our glass window to barks like begging to come with us. Ang sarap balikan kunin at dalhin sa trabaho.. nakaka-awa talaga parang baby. Anyway, here are what I learned when I research on the net about the Cockapoo kind of dogs.

Overview: The Cockapoo is highly intelligent, retaining much of that from the Poodle breed, and becoming very popular as a companion animal. A sturdy little dog, they have a great disposition. This breed can also be somewhat passive and can also be dog aggressive if not given the proper socialization.
Character: The Cockapoo is loyal, intelligent, and very affectionate. This dog is fairly easy to train being mixed with what is said to be one of the smartest dogs in the world. Being that this dog is mixed with the Poodle, he makes a wonderful training student. Having a very sweet nature, this dog is sure to steal the hearts of many.
Temperament: This breed is eager to please, vigorous, and friendly, making him a popular choice as a companion. The Cockapoo generally gets along with children and other animals, but should always be supervised. The Poodle and Spaniel in this mix can both have aggression problems if not dealt with at a young age.
Correct! As in ganyan na ganyan talaga si Stormy. That is why nakaka in love na aso! Hindi mahirap alagaan.

click photo to view large

You know, I noticed here mostly american had pets to be their companion. Maybe because animals are loyal.