Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Stormy's odd picture!
See how she gets sad?
I honestly can not take it, her sad face? Nah.. uh, oh.. my heart will broken!
She is a sweetheart... a smart dog. Is just that sometimes we can not give her whatever she wants. Like a human food, that is not good for her. She felt bad..poor stormy!
And I do hope she will feel better when I see her tomorrow. I'm going to pick her up at my moms house to bring back home.
See you my lovely Stormy!


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When Stormy gets mad

STORMY our pretty dog is not home today. She's with my mom. We sent her there to take a short vacation at least to play with my moms cat and her talking birds. That makes Stormy happy, to be always around with people. I said that because she doesn't like when me and my husband go to work and leave her alone in our house, she hates it! What she did always is make a way to feel us guilty towards her. She was like feeling sick by acting throwing up even without bad stuff stock on her mouth. She was biting her pillow and eating the garbage and not even to jump up with us. I know that animals have a feelings too..but we can not afford to have her a nanny, as if we are rich. lol
I miss my baby Stormy.... we will gonna see her this weekend though. I love that dog.

Monday, November 26, 2007

I am confused. I DON'T KNOW if what flavor I drink first since they are all my favorite tea!
See? I got a different kinds of tea here, such as Black Tea; Irish Breakfast, English Breakfast, Earl Grey Tea. I also have Green Tea; Cinnamon Apple, Jasmine, and Traditional Green Tea. And then White Tea; Traditional White Tea, Peach/Apricot Flavor, and Pomegranate Flavor. Have also Ginger Peach Rooibus Tea, Sunset Rooibus Tea, and Vanilla Rooibus Tea. I know this is too much, but who am I to refuse to someone who are thoughtful and kind. She said, she will always think of us (my husband and I) whenever she saw a tea in the store. That is why she bought this for us. Oh dear, she really knew what our like! I'm so glad.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Sunday, November 18, 2007

we have unexpected visitor today. she stayed in front of our door when we saw her. we don't know her name, but she is not strange to us at all cause we saw a lot of her kind anywhere in our area.
she is so cute and chubby. her eyes are seems look lonely yet beautiful.
There she is! We call her itik. Please don't ask why, just leave as that. Isn't she adorable? Luckily nobody will try to eat her here, instead we gave her food to eat.

and oh, we took video of her too! check this out.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Whats up to me?! well, nothing much special, except I just cured from a terrible cough and sore throat i had a couple of weeks ago, actually, i was sick when I arrived here from vacation in Asia. It took me awhile to recover from it because I couldn't find a right medicine for me until my in-laws found Buckleys! gee... it taste awful, big time! But it works. Oh, thank goodness! I thought, I'm going to hospitalize. Well, on the other hand my work demands my time for I could not think of what words to put here. I'm going to upload some pictures i have later coz for now I have to watch "The Next Iron Chef Of America" finale!