Friday, February 29, 2008

$29 cents Hamburger At Mc Donald's Just For Today

Leap year happens every 4 years. This year, today February 29 is a leap year. In connection to that, today Mc Donald's having a promo, which their famous regular hamburger is worth for only $.29 (cents). That's right! I saw many people are buying to their promo, in fact I got one for myself too. :)
Truthfully, it is my first time to buy a burger for myself since I arrive here in the U.S. I came here last September 2006, and I never tempted to buy any burger here although their burgers are the most famous food in the whole world. I just don't like burger though, that's it. The only thing I could only eat in Mc Donald's are their fries and chicken select, take note "without sauce"! He he. I love it.... yap, today I bought those food for my lunch at work, and since they are selling their burger for only $.29 I decided to get one too just for the heck of paying a cents to that burger. I didn't eat it for my lunch, I save it whenever feel like to eat. The funny thing is mostly people I saw in Mc Donald's today bought 10 pieces or more of that burger, imagine? Well, I don't blame them, this is only happen once in a life time. He he I guess.

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