Wednesday, April 23, 2008


As you all know, I am the avid fan of The Office TV show real big time! :) Dwight Schrute is my favorite character, actually all of them but he is the most funny guy. Because of that I grabbed the photos and the quotes of Dwight bubble head in NBC website to share it with you :)
Dwight in The Office, hilarious!

"In Orem, Utah... Dwight survived the fire."

" Pope Dwight Pius the First, or His Eminence, is here to tell Cardinal Dwight to knock off all of the lame jokes and to stop submitting bad photos. His Eminence says Cardinal Dwight needs to spend more time in the seminary. Gods grace and peace Pope Dwight Pius the First"

"Batman Dwight shooting on the green screen of the newest Batman Movie"


Zara said...

I love The Office too. I can't wait to see tonights episode. I want to see more of the hour episodes.

ring-my-Belle said...

Glad to hear you here Zara. Enjoy watching The Office show tonight. :)