Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Venetian Hotel Attraction

I took this photo in The Venetian hotel, Las Vegas. We're seating on the bench across that statue and i wondered why some people put money on the top of that barrier thing. When I go nearer to that i found out it was not a real statue but a real person! Yap, that is true, he just act as statue. What a clever job isn't? Actually i saw his body moves a little bit and his eyes keeps blinking, that's the proof right there. I also over heard of other people said there that he is not really a stone. In The Venetian hotel he is one of their attractions, and mostly people stop by there just to see him.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Having a valuable possessions like cars, a home, computers, and your own life needs protection, and security from accidents and natural disasters. That is why there are many different insurance companies that have their different services and policies. Getting home insurance and cheap auto insurance are the best way to protect our investments. Nowadays making claims and viewing and comparing policies is easy and quick before everything in online.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Blackheads Removal

Having an oily skin makes my face irritated and more sensitive. I have pimples and blackheads but because of my medicine and derma treatments, it help to heal it. At least once in awhile I have to get a derma treatments or else the pimples will goes back, my blackheads will shows up. I hate it but thankfully I found a medicine that is perfect for my skin! I got it from GetAcneTreatments.com I used their blackhead removal products too.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Weekend's Cooking

Every weekdays I cook only at night time since i work during the day. That's why the titled of my previous posts are 'Whats For My Dinner'. The only time I can cook for our breakfast and lunch is weekends, but most of the time i woke up late so i prepare for brunch.
Fresh fruits are always on my list if i went for food groceries.
On our brunch i used to prepare berries (like strawberry, blueberry), bananas, apples, cantaloupes or melons.
This time i have kiwi and red pears.
red pears- are juicy, smells and taste so good
kiwi- is absolutely delicious. i like the sweetness of it.
these are good alternative for vitamin C if you don't have any vitamin C tablets.
For my main dish
I found the recipe of Mustard-Dill Fish from the BetterHomes magazine mom gave me.
This is unbelievably taste good! I can't believe I ate mustard!
Here are what you need:
cat fish fillet
dijon-style mustard
fresh dill
olive oil
medium tomatoes or cherry tomatoes
salt and pepper
Here's How To Prepare:
1.rinse fish; pat dry. season fish with salt and pepper.
in a bowl combine mustard, dill and olive oil. spread mustard mixture over both side of fish.
2. in bowl combine tomatoes, garlic, and remaining dill and olive oil; season to taste with salt and pepper.
3. heat nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. add fish to skillet.
cook until fish flakes easily, turning once. transfer to serving plate.
add tomato mixture to skillet. cook and stir a minute. serve tomato mixture with fish.
This recipe is easy to prepare. To do is like 15 minutes.
I chose rice as my side dish. Its perfect with it.
Try this one, i'm sure you would love it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Despites of having moody weather here in South Florida this summer,
the animals are still enjoy to stay at their playground.
So, before the rains come my husband hurried up to capture this
beautiful birds in our neighborhood.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Stormy's New Hair Do!

In so many months i cut stormys hair all by myself to save our expenses. After all i am good at that, on trimming hair . As you all know having pets beauty parlor here in USA are quite expensive. It's a NO, NO for me not so practical since i can do it... you know. The thing that i couldn't do for her to maintain is the nails. I'm afraid of getting her nails done by myself, it is so thick, i don't wanna take the risk of ruin it. So i talked my husband to get stormys previous hair-doer to do her nails but the woman price package is all complete hair-do', nails trim, and shampoo plus scarf for 50 bucks. :) i have no choice! Not actually really bad when i compared the price from other beauty salons. In fact she does a home service to do it, not inside our house of course, but in her van. She service us for so long now before i decided to stop cause i wanna do it. But yeah we will wait 5 months from now to call her service again (especially stormys nails), for the meantime i will take care stormys hair. That's how we want to save.

stormy looks beautiful with her scarf.
even though she hates it, she manage to wear it for days.
she knows that piece of scarf includes in the price! haha

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I have no idea if when can i see jim and pam again.
I have no clue if there's another new episode coming out of The Office show.
Yap I miss it, especially jim and pam loveteam, and the laughter too.
I wish to see more new episodes..
Because right now I'm tired of watching the previous episodes again and again.
For the meantime, here are jim and pam (John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer) photos. i like them!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

The PowerShot of SLR

I love to take photographs, and to be photograph. I couldn't leave without my camera every time I go to some place for travel. I like the digital camera I have now, its good for both outdoor and indoor. The colors outcome of the photos are just fine. Being a "photo-graph er" one of a kind powershot SLR camera is like what I wish to have. I'm not consider myself as a professional photographer because I didn't do it for living nor I didn't learn it in school. But if I have SLR digital camera, I think it helps for my photoshot, the results of my pictures would be as good as like a pro! Canon Powershot S5 IS is really what I'm eyeing right now.

Cozy Days

Summer in Florida is hot and humid, it's perfect to go outside having sun tanning, picnic and swimming at the beach! Unfortunately, mostly beaches here in Florida every summer are always pack with people, and it's always hard to get park. Anyway, summer is everywhere even if I'm home, so why not stay and relax in the house which to me a less expense. Good thing my house has a patio which have a cozy outdoor furniture's and outdoor furniture covers. I can stay there all day long without hassling the people around me and not even worrying the car parking meter. Isn't a good idea?