Monday, March 30, 2009

Brandon Farms- Brandon, Florida

My friends and I went to up North Florida

rewind, March 08,2009.

After we attended the Sunday morning mass and visits the grutos at St. Leo church somewhere in Wesley Chapel, Fl (up North!) we headed back home (here in South Fl.). But since it's our first time there we stop and visit places that is interesting we pass while on our way home. We truly are the adventurers! :) Supposedly We will arrived home after four hours drives from Wesley Chapel to Fort Lauderdale but because of numerous stops we arrived here after eight hours on the road. I got dizzy and headache when I arrived home because of that countless stop overs. Nevertheless, I will never ever trades that experienced of any kind of things. Promise! It is priceless.

Anyway, when we saw a farm in Brandon City we stop by it. They are really gorgeous especially the orange trees, and strawberry fields. My first time to see a farms of orange and strawberry. It was awesome.
I got excited seeing those farms, took tones of pictures of them. We bought fresh from the trees of oranges, strawberries from the fields, vegetables, and cherry tomatoes. Brandon is a nice place, we saw lots of cows and goats too. They have also the factory of orange juice there. So much to see.
{photograph by Me}

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