Sunday, March 29, 2009

I Fear of Being On Top

I was never been on the top students of our class during my schooling period, I was always a middle average student in the class. Not that I'm not smart, it just that I hate to pressure myself, the peers ,and taking a risk of big responsibility. I do what I love to do which makes me happy and contented even until now. Of course never that I take for granted my studies even it is so hard to finish the whole school year up until college but I'm proud to made it through without escaping a year or so. Yes I finished a four years degree and that was my only dream. I still have fear to be on top until now. Top to be likes manager, super rich, president, celebrity, politician, or whatsoever. Sometimes I dreamt to be like them but what I saw how hard they've become these kind of people in real life or on TV makes me thankful of who I am and what I have now. I love stress free lifestyle. Whatever top it is sometimes it's difficult to find the top friends, top food, top movies, even top weight loss pills? Ha ha just kidding! My point is being on the top is not easy.

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