Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Gossip Bad or Good?

Gossiping is part of woman's behavior- it is a "woman" nature. ^_^ One incident I wouldn't forget back in high school when my close friend having a huge problem with her boyfriend, she founds out that the guy has other girl at the same time. Of course she freaks out and angry about it the fact that the guy makes her believe that she's the only girl for him. Me and my friend already heard about the gossips from our classmates even schoolmates that he fools around her, but we chose not to believe unless we saw them being together on our own very eyes. To make the story short they broke up when she finally caught them. The sad happen after that when she founds out that she's gonna have a baby from him (her fool ex-bf) and the guy refused to take the responsibility of being a father of her child. In fact he asked her to have a DNA test or paternity test, what a fool! Thank God after a while they settled and both of them share the responsibilities although they didn't end up being together. I can tell now that sometimes gossiping help us to have a hint, for us to think twice about certain things. Sure, there is always a bad thing or a good thing about it and it's really all up for us to take a ride on it.

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