Sunday, March 01, 2009

NYC Hotel near Stadium

Spring is almost near! I can't believe how time flies so fast, that means I'm getting older. Sad. Of course not, Not at all! :) I actually couldn't wait to watch my favorite ball game, the Major League Baseball game- the team New York Yankees! There are so many things to look forward watching this team, aside of their big star A-Rod who makes a noised on the press people in the past weeks now because of the controversial "Steroids" used issue, plus the new top players who just signed them, plus the new stadium, plus my favorite old time players who still makes the team, these are the good reasons to watch. I really wonder if there are still many Yankee fans gonna watch the game in the stadium despite of our economy crisis we have right now. And or the New York City hotel is booked already? That's I have to find out, because usually many Yankee fans who are living from other states travels to New York just to watch the Yankee Baseball game. Things like that are very interesting to know.

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