Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Oriental Movie Mania

None of these movies are boring. They are super entertaining! Love the fight (kung fu) scene, the music (huhu so romantic!), the art direction (very very beautiful, I'm speechless. very oriental.), the cinematography is divine, the directors and actors are superb! The stories are very good.
To my husband: Thank you for picking these movies for me! I want more! :)
p.s I just noticed that Zhang Ziyi appeared all of these movies, and I secretly adore her talent and beauty even before.
Movie Title: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (year 2000)
Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Chang Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Chang Chen
Directed by Ang Lee

Movie Title: House of Flying Daggers (year 2004)
Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau, Lu Feng
Directed by: Yimou Zhang

Movie Title: Hero (year 2004)
Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggy Cheung
Directed by: Yimou Zhang

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