Sunday, March 22, 2009

Torn Between Two Travels at The Same Time

Planning a trip is what I've always like to do, call me an expert on that! Though I'm not a certified/professional travel planner but my own experienced on traveling many times since then thought me how to handle the trip. I always do my own itinerary when I go for a trip, never did I gets a tour operator or an excursion to guide me around the places. I hate those. It won't gives me totally satisfaction not to stay longer in the place I like. Because I always want to take my time to explore and observes their culture. You know those tour operator always have a limited time, and they gets paid through their services per hour and it's kind a expensive at the same time. Anyhow, my friends are planning to go up North next month to attend a huge Filipino festival. Sounds exciting but I'm not really sure if I could come because they don't know where to stay over for a night yet. They said if they couldn't find a place we will gonna stay in one of the extended stay hotels which has kitchen, Internet access, and free breakfast. It sounds cool to me but I still have to think about it because my husband and I also have other trip to look forward with.

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