Thursday, March 05, 2009

Vegetables Salad An Easy Way To Eat

Have you ever experienced craving the food what's in your mind the whole time, and end up eating a food that you did not plan or even thinking about? It happen to me today. The food I ate this morning and afternoon are not so heavy. I have oatmeal+ grapes in the morning, wheat bread sandwich+ apple in the afternoon. So I kind a bit hungry since I did not eat junk food
in between meals right before dinner. I think of fried chicken (my ultimate favorite) or anything that has meat, that is why my stomach craving so much. Until I forgot to think the food that I wanted to cook for dinner tonight because I'm too busy chatting with my sisters online. In order not to disconnect my conversation with them, I end up making vegetables salad for dinner. Well, I'm not really totally disappointed because vegetables salad is good and healthy. It's a good thing though, at least for me. :)

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