Friday, March 13, 2009

What A High Tech

Things are a lot more different now- everything is so high tech, compare before when I was younger. Take for example, the message communication before are through telegram or snail mails, it takes forever by the recipient to receive their messages. But now, it is so easy- in an instant! Thanks of the Internet computer, cellphone, telephone, etc.. etc., because of that it makes our life more easier, and I feel more closer to the other side of the world. Also, many high technology gadgets or appliances now a days are flat designs just like my computer, our TV! oh my goodness, we can even stick it on the wall or some TV does need a plasma stand or just a simple stand. Unlike before in 80's I remember our TV is so bulky with a built in wood cover on it. I can't moves it by myself. What a huge different. I am wondering if what will be the gadget looks like in the future? Just wondering.. :)

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