Sunday, April 26, 2009

Look What I Got For Free!

This Panettone bread from Italy is usually prepared for Christmas and New Year around Italy. This is also called "fruitcake", it has raisins, peanuts, chocolate, cheese on it. Very taste good. So anyway, I found this bread in one of the grocery store when I do my regular food shopping. I guess they're selling Panettone since it was Easter. I was never hesitant to grabbed a small box of it for me to buy and try (haven't tried this Panettone before) after I read the 50% discount tag. After doing my rounds getting the food I need immediately I cash registered it along with the other food I have just bought. When it's my turn I noticed the cashier register the Panettone at a wrong price and I was told her about it. After she found out that I was right she cancelled the registered price in the computer and gave me the Panettone bread for free instead. I delighted and thankful at her. Although I didn't act being arrogant and angry towards her about the mistake she has just did in fact I confronted her very nicely. But I do really appreciate the gesture she shown to me in return after all. Giving me a free Panettone bread made me as a customer so happy and satisfied the services she rendered. That is why I always go back to that food store "Publix" knowing their customer service is always great, not just for the freebies. :)

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