Friday, May 08, 2009

Fashion 101: Hermes Bag

Many elite people and celebrities are mostly seen carrying their Hermes Birkin bags nowadays. A bag that is notable of being super expensive! And most featured in every fashion magazines, and most talk about in the world of fashion blog. It was once featured on Forbes magazine last year that Hermes is one of the World's Most Extravagant Handbags. The bag was inspired by French actress Jane Birkin, so if you see her bag is Birkin by Hermes made of Crocodile, it has a price tag of more or less $120,000. Luxurious eh! (poor Crocodile! Hehe) I really couldn't understand why this type of bag is so expensive (I could have buy a house on its price), maybe because the Crocodile is hard to kill or exotic? Oh, yeah, to own one of this is such a symbol of one's social status. Duh! Whatever. Actually the Birkin has many different kinds of style depending on what grade of leather it is made of with a price tag a minimum of $6,000 I believe. So think about that, calculate it, we need to have plenty extra money or be a millionaire in order to own one. If you are a bag hag and can't afford to buy it I guess the best way to do is channeling it or diy- make your own bag inspired by it. Why not? Go figure! hehehe. No, I can not do it because my talent is not in fashion making. I'd rather to buy a custom tote bag and ask to put the words "go green bag!" on it. lol

(picture above: a loot photos from google images)

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