Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fashion Shoe: Jellies Shoes

Here comes another shoe style I'd like to own (just a wish! *oink* hehe) or at least to find an exact style in an inexpensive price from an imitator retailer companies out there. Haha Each pair of these shoes has a price tag of $135.00 more or less from Kartell- the furniture company. That is right these shoes are made of plastic is kind a expensive (I could have get some treatment for acne of that money) no way I spend a hundred bucks for the shoes even if I can afford one. I do love shoes in fact I own a pair of jelly shoes made by Collin of Italy, and was bought it from Victorias Secret the shoe distributor through online. I paid three times less of that Kartell price. Bought it two years ago and I'm still using it until now. Of course I can't compare the quality of Kartell shoes from the other they really are good that's why it came out that price. And their shoe designs are really fabulous too. It's just that I'm a cheap fashionista.

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