Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: The Godiva Chocolate

Grandmama handed me this beautiful little box the other day when the husband and I went to see her and mommy. I was surprised when they said this is their early Mothers Day gift for me (although I'm not literally a mother yet, only because I'm a mother of our dog Stormy :-)) since the said celebration is almost approaching. And they also want me to know that I am love by them- so sweet, eh! Yes, they are. And very thoughtful too.
They know chocolate is my favorite that is why they got me one of this special Godiva chocolate edition. These are not big each of the chocolate just has a regular bite size but my goodness it was taste so unbelievably good. I promised grandmama and mommy not to eat them until the day of Mothers Day (this coming Sunday already) but can't really wait until then. I ate it when we got home after I took photos of it. It did not even stays a day longer in our house! I know, I'm bad. *wink*. I couldn't resist the temptation of this guilty pleasure little thing. Hehehe Why oh why?! It's alright, I know it didn't consume tons of calories when eating this and so as my sugar blood count is perfect! Grandmama and mommy laughing at me when I told them that the said chocolate are gone eaten by a squirrel alike and that's me. Haha.

I learned that the Godiva was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1926. And was open in Paris in 1958 as first Godiva shop outside Belgium, later on Godiva has reached United States. Until now their products have continued success to reach the heart of every chocoholic person. It is well known as one of the best chocolate in the world. That is why the price is also high. *sigh*

(on the picture; the white color star shape piece of chocolate has strawberry filling in it. yum..yum..)

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