Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Palm Beach Heavenly Chocolate

Warning!Please eat moderately!

See I've told you, the sugary food are all over me in the past few days now, and I need to stop this! How can I? *sob* I will blamed it on my taste bud- its sooO sweet! Haha Guess who needs to watch the weight now? Moi. It's alright I will get some weight loss pills if ever my weight gain more pounds and that would be help! Hehe Kidding aside, this chocolate store I found across the Zales (while the two friends still deciding what jewelry to buy) jewelry store in Town Center Mall when we're hanging out there the other day. When seeing this store I thought I would faint. They are just so tempting and looks yummylicious. My day turned so bright that time. Feels like I'm in heaven. (exags! hehe) Chocolate is my ultimate best friend. It makes me feel high! Haha

i liked this chocolate Alligator design. very cool. nice to get for pasalubong (present) from here, as you'll know guys the Alligators lives here in Florida. clever noh? :)

To make the story short I bought these three little angels: dark chocolate truffle, chocolate biscuits, and fruit and nuts chocolate. Sooo yummy. I hide it from my husband cause I'm sure he will never allow me to go back there again. He's afraid if my sugar will get high. I feel so guilty after ate all of them. *pout*

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