Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Window Shopping Galore (two!)

Macy's: hmm... ma beauty but expensive! taking picture is free that's all i did in here. Hehe

Zales (the diamond store): the two of my friends were crazy about jewelries of this store, we decided to stop by just looking around anyway the reason why we're at the mall is to window shop. so okay we'll steps in. *sigh* they have indeed beautiful sparkling jewelries not to mention a huge sale price. i hold my breath when i saw a diamond ring that is pretty, and the only consolation i got are a free stare and a free snap shot of it then i took the opportunity eh! Hehe

beeyan was a victim of the store. she got this one for herself (she's so rich! hehe)
it is gorgeous kasi.

she also wanted these pair of earrings and necklace but her conscience told her not to
otherwise her wallet will broke. Hehe

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