Monday, May 25, 2009

Window Shopping Galore (one!)

It's nice to have a camera in the bag all the time so that we can snap a picture whenever we go, unless otherwise if you're not a photo hag like me. My girlfriends and I decided to go in the mall after we had lunch to look for a treadmill as we try to loss weight for our incoming Key West gate away. So we off and went at Town Center mall in Palm Beach. The stores we went into are;

Victoria's Secret: currently they are renovating the other side of the store for their room extension so it pretty much cluttered in that area at the moment. their sales on bras and panties doesn't hold me to stay long inside as many women getting in here and makes too crowded for me so I step out and went off to forever21 instead. only beeyan have patients to stay longer as she needs to get something in here desperately.

forever21: super chic store! I LOVE here. the inexpensive stylish clothes are can find here. one of my favorite store. i thank my friend as my conscience who keeps telling me "you don't need that, that's expensive! (even though it's not)" every time i found something interesting to buy. so i ended up empty hand when we went out. only beeyan got one.

Old Navy: another inexpensive store and has stylish clothing too. i really needed a swimwear for our Key West get away next month. Thankfully I found one here.

Carolina Herrera: a fancy boutique selling fancy clothes. this gown is really pretty.

Neiman Marcus: what can i say, a retailer store sells anything from the famous signature brand names. they have beautiful stuff here that i can't afford. i contented watching and touching them only. Hehe

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