Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sweet Food Madness

Blue Bell is one of my favorite ice cream right now- thanks to the advertisement on the radio! *snap* Well not really I found it on sale at the supermarket so that's what about it. And my first buy was the Moo-llennium Crunch then recently I got the Mocha Madness they were so heavenly good. I just love them. Gosh, how can't I really resist these tempting sweet-food again my being so called inborn of having a sweet-tooth does these all happens. It's all craziness. I some kind a addicted to it (it's like a drug to me. i wonder if there's a need to go for a rehab of having the sweet-food problem? heehee only for a drug rehab right? although I tried not to take a scoop from my ice cream jar as much as I can. So far I am eyeing for the Birthday Cake flavor but a we shall see if there's still on stock.

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