Friday, June 05, 2009

Yes, To Key West!

It's official- I had just got a call from my friend telling me that our Key West weekend gateways is gonna be next weekend, confirm. Yahoo! I am truly excited, I know this would gonna be fun. And a once in a life time opportunity for me to see the beautiful beaches there. Looking at the above photos makes me wanna go as now. I just can't wait. I was in fact reading the reviews about Keys at least for me to know what and where we gonna roam around in the little pretty islands of Florida. The reviews are really helpful especially for those who goes on their first trip. Other reviews stated to get travel protection as what they have in travel insurance online websites to check from, very nice, but since my friends and I will just gonna stay there for a short period of time (only weekends) I don't think it will necessary for us. Also they have many photos in the review website too. I took those photos above from their website (tripadvisor). Thanks for the loot!

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