Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DIY: Eyebrows Grooming Techniques

DIY means Do It Yourself- so there you go, while I was trying to groom my eyebrows the other day I felt so awkward because it didn't look seems right for me. The right side of my eyebrow trimmed very short while the other side trimmed very thin because I used a tiny scissor (nail scissor!) instead of twizzer. As a matter of fact I don't groom my eyebrows by myself. I usually asked somebody in the hair salon to groom my eyebrows too whenever I had my hair done back in the homeland before I moved here.
I have yet been going to a hair salon here ever since even though the husband offered me to pay the service but I refused for some reason I want to be economical when it comes to my hair. The hair salon services fee here are too expensive I'd rather to trim my own hair instead. So that is why there is no chance to groom my eyebrows by a specialist. I'm a cheap I know. :)

Well, thanks to the Internet where everything can be found in just a click away for any helpful ideas we need for free [idea like on how to lose belly fat, etcetera]. Like what I just found a website that has video on how to groom the eyebrows by do it yourself. I had fun watching the video, the techniques they are sharing are absolutely very helpful for those women like me who has no budget to go the hair salon for this kind of thing.

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