Monday, July 27, 2009

FoodTrip: Pasta w/ Chicken and Espresso for drinks

This is my long overdue post about my previous food-trip I had. Me and my husband had dinner at the Cypress Restaurante [and Italian restro] last Fourth of July [an United States, Independence Day] celebration just this month. It was our first food-trip in this restaurant so we expects nothing but the best. Sure why not? Typically Americans went out to the beaches partying or having barbecues at home with their family during those time. Well, for some people just like me and the husband were preferred to dine out in the restaurant to avoid the crowds and cooking, after all it's a rest day. :)
In the restaurant was not a busy mode. I can even count with my fingers the people dine in there. My husband said, 'this is a sign of the crisis'. Ohh, my guy was so silly! In my mind I guess their food are not that good but I'm wrong. I ordered Espresso for my beverage and their specialty Cypress Pasta with Chicken for my food and how can I forget the Pistachio Gelato for my dessert. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the Gelato.
I'm not really too crazy about coffee though. I tried to avoid caffeine as much as I can, that is why. But if my quirky moods attack me I drink coffee but Espresso. For me no one can bets Cuban Espresso, i love it! How's that? :) Anyway, my usual drinks when I'm in the restaurant are H2O, caffeine free tea, fresh juices or hot chocolate. So at that time I ordered...

Ahh, so strong but Yum.

Pasta with chicken, white wine, grape tomatoes, cream, fresh basil and cheeses.
It was good.
I rated 4 out of 5 stars.

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