Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Reminiscing 90's Music: 3T- I Need You

When was the last time I heard this song? Wow, it's been a long time I couldn't even remember. All I know is that this song was so famous in year 1996. I was in third year college then. Single. hehehe Well, to be honest this song has no significant happen with my past personal life. Nada. It's just that the song was beautifully created by the young talented artists plus the coolest Michael Jackson was the collaborator of this song. I just found this out again today while browsing some Michael's videos archive in YouTube. I'm glad I found this. Love the song.

3T was the artists who sang this song. They are Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and Tj Jackson. Familiar? Yes, they are Michael Jackson's nephews, the sons of Tito Jackson from the Jackson 5 which of course the brother of Michael. In this song the background vocals of the last part of the song was Michael's vocal. Cool- that's what about it!

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