Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Were Crazy Girls...

I attended a birthday party thrown by four Filipinos celebrants in the neighborhood with my friends last Saturday evening. My friend was always my designated or personal driver whenever I go out with the gals. I still can't drive for goodness sake, I know, I should not be proud of it but my friends understand my situation. So lucky me. And I always been thankful of my friends for being patient and understanding. But, hey! I have a plan to take the drive lessons of course.

Anyway, my friends picked me up as always after the set time- Filipino time as what we call it. At that time the thunder was coming it was dark, windy, and scattered some lightnings outside. So.. when we arrived at the club house in the neighborhood the parking lots were occupied already. Note-the club house is not that big, since mostly every one has a car we couldn't find a spot while the ecstatic weather are very annoying. Because we are so desperate we parked the car on the grass, gee.. the rain was pouring already as we had to walk in the club house! A white guy caught the car parked on the grass of course he shouted us to get the car out there now! Or else he will gonna call a police to tow it or a motorhome towing or whatever they call it. We explained to him what happen after the talked he offered his parking car on his house just near the club house. Phew! What a relief. When we were in people had just finished eating. Well.... they had tones of food [Pinoy always does that] we expected it. Right then and there we took some bites so hungry already. It was fun after all.

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