Sunday, August 30, 2009

Social Gatherings

I was invited by my friends Em and Beeyan to attend a social gathering with one of the many Filipino social groups somewhere in the upper south. I went because it's been a while since the last time I hanged out with them, and it's also nice to go out sometimes for me to see and meet with some other Filipino peoples. Good thing I went because I unexpectedly met Phamzy in real person for the first time. She is my online friend whom I met in one of the online social networks. It's so funny. We both shocked and glad about our meetings. Anyhow, the said party was full of fun it seems like all the people were there was having a great time. Why not?

see, the kids were singing..

the women were dancing..

they even playing tinikling dance..

and ohh, the food were all tasted good. especially this halo-halo with leche flan on top of it. yum!

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