Sunday, September 27, 2009

Calling The Homeowners

Last night's birthday party of a friend of mine and with her son together in their home was really fun. I've got to met new Filipino people which was great. Their food was amazing as usual (the celebrant-a-friend-of-mine is known as chef in our group), filipino-food is always the best, yum!
It was actually the good opportunity to mingle with some other people from our homeland who misses their family, the filipino-food, the culture we used to practice especially when it comes a big- birthday- party like this should not to be missed.

As we go along, everybody in the house including the kids stayed at the backyard where we're barbecuing while others enjoying themselves singing on the video-k, and dancing along with the music at the same time. Once we enjoyed the party usually we tend to forget the time turn pass so quickly. As a matter of fact we don't minding our neighbors privacy by disturbing them from the noise behind the party. In the Philippines, people could careless-- we can blast, laugh and sing out loud. But not over here!

The host from last night's birthday party got an unexpected visitor knocking on their door looking for them. We all shocked when we learned its a police officer!
He said somebody calling their office complaining about the blasting music makes noise from the back of their home. It's already around 10:30 pm and that they couldn't get a sleep because of the noise. The police officer warned us. We should stop. The party was ended right there and then, and off we went home! It was indeed an experienced that I will never forget. Though I'm having fun.

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