Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Can't Believe This!

Because I am being a nostalgia of the 80's, today, I listens my all time favorite songs in the 80's. Blast from the past! I love it.
Coincidentally, while I was reading the online news today I learned that Patrick Swayze just died. Rest In Peace. Whenever I heard his name he reminds me of his movie Ghost with Demi Moore. I will never ever forget that movie, I cried so hard while watching it like crazy! lol But that was it other than that I have know nothing about him.

And then....
Also in the news they feature the video of his Dirty Dancing movie sound track that was famous too. I really didn't believe from what I heard, Patrick Swayze sang that song? Oh my golly! I was so naive. *ting!*

Here watch the video and listen the song- She's Like The Wind. This song was so famous in the 80's along with the movie.

Damn! I just love this song, how can I forget it?
Just because I don't usually mind the singer of each of my favorite songs. I only care its song unless otherwise the singer or the band are extremely famous.
I know shame on me for being so clueless.

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