Thursday, September 03, 2009

i Collects...

For some reasons I love to collect souvenirs stuff like art decors or fridge magnet frames from the city places I traveled. Those are things I like to collect. Of course I also consider to collect photos from any occasions that I attend to and photos from my travel experiences. I have captured tones of photos already. I even lost counts. It certain that those memories through my photos collection would no one can keep it away from me. That's why I like those kind of stuff.

Well, basically women are known to collects some bags, shoes, jewelries and accessories, cell phones, books, clothes, etcetera.. etcetera. But not me. I guess I am exception of the rules. Well, as much as I love clothes, bags and shoes unfortunately I could not keep them forever with me since I like to give it away after several times of using. So I don't really consider my bags and shoes are my ultimate collections.

How about you?

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