Sunday, September 06, 2009

I Have Hives

Yesterday early morning I woke up with a terrible itches on my head and face. When I looked at the mirror my face was covered in red blotches they kind a looks like really big mosquito bites. And then later of the day the itch scattered all over my body. I was shocked when I saw the red huge blotches, its about 1 inches in diameter and then a raised red bump in the middle. Horrible. When the husband saw it he was scared and right then and there we called up the emergency hospital for an appointment. When we arrived in the emergency hospital my skin was so itchy, I really couldn't stand it. Good thing we didn't wait for so long hours there was no more patients queuing on the line unlike the usual day. To make the story short the doctor told me I have Hives (urticaria). The caused could be by the foods, medications, insect bites, or cat dander. So, the nurse injected me Antihistamines such as Benadryl and Corticosteriods. The effects of Benadryl make me feel so weak and sleepy but it does really works to subside the itchiness and the blotches. The itch and the red bumps were gone in just a few minutes after. I stayed in the emergency hospital for just six hours, the hives can be treatable in the house anyway. The doctor gave me the prescriptions so I can treat myself while resting in the house.

Today is the second day of my hives, this morning was the worst itch I ever experienced. All over my skin was covered with red thick hives. Yikes! My life saver medicines help to rescue my skin, it gone after I took some medications, but, the effects of it was so annoying. It upset my stomach even I intake food before I took my medications. I puked. But it helps! My stomach went fine afterwards. This hives disease really don't make me feel so ill (I don't have fever), it just so itchy big time. I took a shower and put some calamine lotion all over my body aside of course the medications I have been take. It helps to swollen down the hives and itch. So far so good. I felt a lot better. Hopefully this hives will be gone soon. I just hate it. *sob*
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