Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rants (just so you know)

When I got hives last week (Saturday, to be exact) I was totally freaked out. Imagine waking up in the morning with all those red thick blotches all over my face? And oh, it itch big time! Don't you just hate that? I was ill because of that and was stuck in the house for the whole week trying to heal the hives away. The doctor prescribed medicines really did works (just like those fat burners) to lessen the hives and the itch. If the person have hives normally it will take her to healed more than a week or so but I guess it depends on the case. But for me thankfully I was hives free since yesterday, Saturday. One week after I got those terrible hives. *gross*

You know when we get sick we just do nothing but sleep, eat, and sleep again..?
It just happened to me in the whole darn week- last week. These really makes me feel so ill until I became so sensitive.

Good thing I have a husband who are my best friend, a very supportive, and smart enough to understand what I have been through. His advice motivates me to get off my butt and fight the illness because I am so sick of it already! I have to tell you the post syndrome-side effects of the medicines suffered me last two days ago with all the heart burn, headache, body ache, dizziness, vomiting and upset stomach. It was a nightmare.

Having all of these I was able to woke up early in the morning yesterday working all the necessary house chores I have to do. I sanitized the whole house. I prepared our meals. I voluntarily washed our clothes as this is my husband job- in our house, yes, he does this in exchange of ironing the clothes, he hates it! Haha what a revelation. And was also able to have a long walked two blocks back and fort in the neighborhood with the husband of course. I'm pretty much got some fresh air and a bit of the sun rays which makes me feel a lot better after all. Because of these my energy back into the highest level I grabbed the key of our car and drove for hours to test my driving skills (thank god my husband said I'm good at it now- what a big A+ !) despite of my sickness drama.

It was not that easy but really I handle it right. In fact even up until this time I still have a headache. *Sigh* I'm getting there, no to die! but to overcome all of these aches. lol
Because I want to enjoy my birthday soon with my loving family but before that I am extremely excited to drive my husband at work tomorrow. Can you believe that? That must be wonderful! :) OK, gotta go before I will keep on and on..

P.s. Forgive me for being boring of this whole Hives litany. I have nothing else to say but I can't also promise if this will be the last. I'm hoping so. lol


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