Thursday, September 03, 2009

Stormy Is Fine

Just because I did not blog about Stormy for sooo long now that doesn't mean I don't care her anymore. Of course I love her, she is my baby- a very loving companion for me and the husband. Stormy is doing well in spite of her condition and age. She's been a fighter since her last operation until now, although there were times that she couldn't really handle it but her doctor, her medicines, our love and affection towards her makes our Stormy alive and kicking. She still loves to travel at my in-laws home and stayed with them for a while. She still looking forward to go out for a walk and sneak some bones. She is heavier now compare when she was hospitalized before. The photo below doesn't looks like it but she does in person. She still smart and understand our feelings very well. Undoubtedly, she will live longer.

Stormy lie down on the rug (her favorite place) while I'm cooking in the kitchen.

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