Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Visit at My Dentist Clinic

Me inside at the dental clinic while waiting a call from my hygienist.

My husband snapped the above photo using his net book-digital livecam (how cool is that?) that's why its pixelated but it is good enough. Anyway, I went a visit to see my dentist in her beautiful clinic (just like Plano dentist) a couple of weeks ago to have my teeth clean. It got stained by the green tea I drink everyday. Not nice to look at!
I have a new hygienist. I wonder what happened of the previous hygienist I used to have (I liked her pa naman), she might gets axed. The new one looks intimidating. But my feeling change towards her the moment she talked. Her voice was so appealing, very calm, unlike what I have thought.
In fairness she have a not so heavy hands when digging the dirt's of my teeth. There's only a few blood came out from my mouth causes by the skin irritation while digging into my gums. She uses a certain salty medicine to get off the stains on my teeth while scrapping it. I'll tell you those were like you drinking the sea water. It's gross. It makes me coughed and dried my lips. But the good side are the stains were all gone and it whiten my teeth at least.

She gave me a tip- In order not to get too much stains on my teeth by drinking green tea especially, I should wash it with pure water right after.

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