Friday, October 09, 2009

Hot Hot Hot!

Feels like summer here right now in Florida. I can't imagine the hotness plus high humidity that we are experiencing right now in sunny state. I would faint. The weathers are so quirky. I don't blame the mother nature it's scary if they gets angry. Well, its because of the hot outside our a/c machine get burnt out (it stop working). There's no air conditioning going on in our whole house. That is the disadvantage of having a centralize a/c. Once the main machine's dead the rest will follow. We're soaking sweat since yesterday. Yikes! Thanks to our backup (the ceiling fan, standing fan, and humidifier) it helps us to cool on. Unfortunately our dog doesn't satisfied it. She's drooling and catching her breath. Poor baby.

This morning our friend came to help us. Thanks of his kindness our a/c are now working. Yippee!
We are now so comfortable. The coldness inside the house right now make me feel so sleepy.

Gotta go, night night everybody!

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