Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Now Officially A Driver of A Car

I finally passed my driving test and I have now a professional driver's license. Whoaa! Let me rewind from the beginning of my first attempt driving test at DMV. My first appointment at DMV, Lauderhill, Fl. was in third weeks of last month. I was so confident that I could get the test so easily but when I'm there I started to get nervous and barely couldn't get out from the parking lot. Of course what else the initial reaction of the instructor was mean. She kept saying "oh my gosh, you need more practice!". I was terrified. I couldn't help myself. So I was failed the reasons she said that I didn't stop when there is a "stop sign", that's it. She didn't let me go through the other tests.

My second attempt was after 3 days I came back in the same DMV. I got a new woman instructor. I was not nervous at all, I felt enthusiastic but when she asked me to park my car straight without hitting the cones in the parking space. I hit the cones. I failed again. It was awful!

My husband and I decided to get a driving school for a one day parking lessons at the DMV parking lot. This time I changed DMV office into another city near us. Aside from that I also keep practicing how to park and 3-point-turn in the parking lot here in our own community. It really helps. I made it! I got no mistakes for my 3rd time driving test. What a big relief.

Now that I have a driver's license, I'm driving our car by myself without any hesitations. I thought I can't do it but yes, I can. I'm now loving to get auto accessories for our car. Unlike before I just don't care as long as our car is clean and the machines are in good conditions I will take a ride. Things are changed I'm now care about a car.

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