Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I've Been Up To These Days

A lot of great things happened to me in the past few days. I also been busy running some personal errands. But the good news is I am doing fine.

Lately, my family were up until late at night just to watch baseball game (the ALCS), the NY Yankees versus the LA Angels. We're a Yankee fanatics. So far the team is doing better. We won't miss every single game. It's just so fun to watch them playing.

Lately, I got my driver's license. Yap. I'm now officially independent woman. LOL

Lately, I got a new job. Yay!

Lately, I went to Target. I drove to go there a lone. Yay!

Lately, I sent my family a package for Christmas. God bless us. :)

Lately, I've been making manggo float cake. My husband loves it.

Latey, I've been so gaga listening of Lady Gaga new hits song "Paparazzi". I know it's a non-sense but the upbeat is good.

Lately, I've been eating nougat chocolate made in Switzerland. Sooo good.

Lately, I am craving Chinese food. It's been awhile since I ate siomai or crispy chicken with sesame seeds. But since my mood swings I'd take out chicken with sweet & sour sauce. It's yummy.

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