Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stormy...That is!

The moment has come arrive, finally Stormy blows the candles on her birthday cake for the first time in her life. Yes, she did! :) She is absolutely happy celebrating her birthday with her loving family who cares the animals like her. We all wish her many more years to celebrate of her life with us and good health. We love you Stormy, woof! woof! woof!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Giggle Time!♥♥♥

They are really looks cute together.
It makes me wanna watch their movie Twilight again tonight..
I'm such a fan. awww!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

He Has Cerebral Palsy. Not!

A good friend of mine back in my home town reminds me of Jim Carrey being so funny, though he did not close enough to be looks like Jim. As far as the expressions of his face on how he mimic other people like Jim it makes me laugh. When we were kid, one time he acted like he has cerebral palsy disease we are so scared, in fact we held him to go upstairs and then suddenly he walked straight as in! He always trick us, he really got us the whole time. Too bad he only shown up us his talent, he could have been a best comedy actor. He he. The reason why I am talking about him right now because I just watched Jim Carrey's movie "The Mask".

I Love My Micro SD

I always have a micro sd with me whenever I travel. It is so important for me for so many reasons. I need it for my cellphone, GPS, digital camera, that is right my camera to save all of my captured photos for my backups. In addition to that the micro sd has a maximum storage capacity to save thousands of file and has faster file transfer speeds. It makes me not to worry if were all of my pictures will accidentally delete in my camera.

Chocolate Overload

That is right, if you are dieting right now please do not stare at the pictures below as they are so tempting. :) I bought this Crispie Joys Milk Chocolate and Empress Chocolate Dark Truffles and Cream in the supermarket nearby. These are not expensive I got it for under $3 each but surprisingly the taste is good..so good..good!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Need To Upgrade My Laptop Memory

Talking with my family and friends is what I always do when I'm home during free time. It is good to hear their where abouts, funny and sad stories at the same time. Even though I am thousands mile away from them but because of our high technology nowadays distance and communication are not a huge problem anymore. So, tonight while I am chatting with my younger sister and friend in the middle of our conversation my laptop computer suddenly off, damn! :) I guess my laptop memory needs to upgrade. I don't know, it is annoying. I can't afford to spend right now, I have a lot of things to prioritize. Sigh. :(


I thought this video is cool, so why not to post here for I can watch it again and again. It is sad, funny, great, nice, beautiful, i like it.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No, I'm Not Fat

Okay, as what as many of my friends perspective about my weight right now? They think I'm fat. I was shock! Fat? I seriously asked them with moving the wide eyes, and I continually asked them, so do I need diet pills or do regular diet, or exercise? what?! I'm make fun of them instead. Seriously, I'm not fat. My regular weight is 100 pounds and I gain like 2 pounds now. But still my weight is normal base on my BMI (Body Mass Index) calculation because I'm only 5 inches tall. Actually, I don't panic at all, I'm just laugh at them.

My Not So Ordinary Breakfast

Usually I have fruit like apple, clementine and kiwi, or instant oatmeal with milk, or sandwich for my breakfast. This morning my moods change, and I craved something sweet like fruit jelly. So, I follow my stomach's desire and ate crackers and Raspberry preserves, it is good! Though it is not really good- healthy wise so to speak.

Talking Watches: Easy To Buy For Gift

The count down start here!
Three (3) days more to go until Valentines day, one of my favorite special occasion because it is the only time my husband and I will have a date...sweet! :) I already have gift for him, but I still need to buy for grandma. One thing I'd like to buy something for grandma are talking watches or talking clocks since she loves to collect watches. She's easy to please, so I'm gonna go in the store now to buy one for her. See yeah!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Animals Need The Wildlife Trees

The winter is almost over, our weather temperature is started to get high. I can't wait to welcome for the new season SPRING! So no more jacket, sweater, socks, and gloves by then. And I am getting ready of my favorites walking casual clothes to wear. In fact I am super doper excited going to trail walk in the park without having worry about the cold weather. Seeing grow the flowers, plants, and the Wildlife trees back again after they covered by snow makes me feels glad. I want to see them alive! The Animals are more gladly happy.

So I Watched The 51st the GRAMMY'S Last Night

and I love the performances of Jennifer Hudson (which she made me cry- she's so emotional), Cold Play (love their song, but hate their outfits), U2 (amazing! that's all i can say), and the collaborations of Jonas Brothers and Stevie Wonder, T.I and Justine Timberlake. I didn't finish the whole show because Rihanna was not there to perform. I'm kind a disappointed.

Another Reason For Celebration

Speaking of celebration as I mentioned from my previous post, we are not only celebrating Valentines and the husbands birthday this month but also Stormy's birthday- our little puppy baby! We actually just decided to give Stormy a birthday celebration (though we don't know exactly when she was born) since she survives from last year health problems. This is what we called her "second life" so we will celebrate for that. Since she had an ovary operation and constant medication Stormy's health is quite impressing, she is more active than the usual. But the medicine makes her skin and vaginal dryness which keeps bothering her once in awhile. Her doctor told us it is not actually a major problem since she's on medication. All of this positive out come for her health condition right now is the reason why I'm excited to celebrate this month.

The celebrants!

Sunday, February 08, 2009


I can't wait to watch the Grammy Awards night performances of Coldplay, Black Eyed Peas, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake and many more great performers in town tomorrow. I want Rihanna and Coldplay wins some awards, I think they are deserving in fact their album makes top of the chart last year. So hopefully they wins.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Excited To Celebrate LOVE

It's almost Valentines, time flies so fast- really! Oh I can't believe this thinking that I've been here for almost three years now. Wow. And I'm still coping up to adopt my new lifestyle, slowly by slowly I'm getting there. So far so good I have nothing to complain about. In fact there are many things that I have to thank for and that makes me contented. My little heart is grateful and happy of the things that I have accomplish here, it doesn't matter if it's little or huge accomplishment as long as my husband and I are still have each other.

What really excites me most this month are we're not only to celebrates the Heart day but also the husbands birthday. It is going to be a great celebration in our house but sorry it is strictly for the family only. Our budget is very tight right now. :) In fact you don't like to eat pure vegetables, do you? He he. Anyhow, since I am budgeting my money for this occasion do you think I can buy a good gift for 20 bucks? Can I buy Swiss Army watches for that amount? We'll see. This will be a huge challenge for me. Sigh.