Monday, March 30, 2009

Lingerie Diva Style

Who would have thought that these photos attach here are lingerie? I was actually laughing when I found out through their website that these are truly lingerie. I thought these are normal dress for party, really, you know.. Guess I'm outdated when it comes to this stuff. I own a conservative type of lingerie in other words cheap lingerie. Shy to say but I'm proud to wear it. If given a chance to pick one of these I will pick the number two (the bottom picture) and I am wearing it on a social party. Ha ha Nobody will notice if it's lingerie or not, right?

Brandon Farms- Brandon, Florida

My friends and I went to up North Florida

rewind, March 08,2009.

After we attended the Sunday morning mass and visits the grutos at St. Leo church somewhere in Wesley Chapel, Fl (up North!) we headed back home (here in South Fl.). But since it's our first time there we stop and visit places that is interesting we pass while on our way home. We truly are the adventurers! :) Supposedly We will arrived home after four hours drives from Wesley Chapel to Fort Lauderdale but because of numerous stops we arrived here after eight hours on the road. I got dizzy and headache when I arrived home because of that countless stop overs. Nevertheless, I will never ever trades that experienced of any kind of things. Promise! It is priceless.

Anyway, when we saw a farm in Brandon City we stop by it. They are really gorgeous especially the orange trees, and strawberry fields. My first time to see a farms of orange and strawberry. It was awesome.
I got excited seeing those farms, took tones of pictures of them. We bought fresh from the trees of oranges, strawberries from the fields, vegetables, and cherry tomatoes. Brandon is a nice place, we saw lots of cows and goats too. They have also the factory of orange juice there. So much to see.
{photograph by Me}

Sunday, March 29, 2009

WholeSale Thing...

The husband and I shop food religiously every once a week. We always go to a store that has all food we needs, I mean we never compromise our food and health just to get cheapest food from the other stores. We actually strictly follows our diet, we don't buy food with high cholesterol and sodium. By doing that we are sure that our body is safe, and can save money by visiting doctors frequently. We haven't try to buy wholesale food yet, it's not actually practical for us because we're just the two of us will consume it. I will rather to try buying wholesale clothing for retail business. :) Seriously, I would love to do this.

Spring '09 Trends Dress

Ohlala..! what a lovely dresses! What's going on here.. thought we're on recession? Ah, obviously these are for rich and famous clothing only.
If you want to see more style, follow here Style.

{taken photos from style dot com}

I Fear of Being On Top

I was never been on the top students of our class during my schooling period, I was always a middle average student in the class. Not that I'm not smart, it just that I hate to pressure myself, the peers ,and taking a risk of big responsibility. I do what I love to do which makes me happy and contented even until now. Of course never that I take for granted my studies even it is so hard to finish the whole school year up until college but I'm proud to made it through without escaping a year or so. Yes I finished a four years degree and that was my only dream. I still have fear to be on top until now. Top to be likes manager, super rich, president, celebrity, politician, or whatsoever. Sometimes I dreamt to be like them but what I saw how hard they've become these kind of people in real life or on TV makes me thankful of who I am and what I have now. I love stress free lifestyle. Whatever top it is sometimes it's difficult to find the top friends, top food, top movies, even top weight loss pills? Ha ha just kidding! My point is being on the top is not easy.

Spring 2009

{taken photos from Google Images}

Have you moved your clock an hour forward yet? Ooops, I maybe too late. Anyway, happy Spring everyone!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Car Protection

We work for a living to fulfill our needs and wants, and in order to improve our lifestyle as well. We also work and save money to achieve our dreams, to have our own house and car. So we keep working. Having a valuable possessions like cars, a home, computers, and your own life needs protection, and security from accidents and natural disasters. That is why there are many different insurance companies that have their different services and policies. Just like auto insurance, life insurance, flood insurance, et al.

Fashion Meets Technology

Oh my goodness, what a beauty! First of all i love the color, and the flower design. It's ultra chic and sleek! How lovely... yeah, the price too. No I don't want this, this is too much. Never mind.

Free Hotel Stay. Not!

My friend called me awhile ago informing me about our coming trip to Tampa Bay, Fl. She wanted me to confirm if I'm going hence the place we were staying at is free! Free what? I answer her back, free hotel stay? I continued...what hotel? She laughed at me and said "no, we will not gonna stay in the hotel anymore. somebody-a friend of so and so offered her place. we have nothing to worry about now." Whatever. I'm still not gonna go. I wanna stay home, to burrow. He he

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Danze Faucet is Truly Beautiful

I stumbled upon this cutie-chic faucet of the attach photo here while browsing the Internet websites earlier. It is so pretty, isn't it? How innovative and talented the artists who creates this beauty faucet. And look at the right side thingy with it, I thought it's another faucets (it looks like it!) but it's a plant holder. They (the artists) amazed me big time! He he. I love it. This beauty is manufactured by one of the creative and trusted faucets manufacturer in the world name Danze faucet . They have over 1,000 unique designs to choose from, and is absolutely made in good quality. What a thing! Hmm... babe, what do you think? Lol.

Oriental Movie Mania

None of these movies are boring. They are super entertaining! Love the fight (kung fu) scene, the music (huhu so romantic!), the art direction (very very beautiful, I'm speechless. very oriental.), the cinematography is divine, the directors and actors are superb! The stories are very good.
To my husband: Thank you for picking these movies for me! I want more! :)
p.s I just noticed that Zhang Ziyi appeared all of these movies, and I secretly adore her talent and beauty even before.
Movie Title: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (year 2000)
Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Chang Yun Fat, Michelle Yeoh, Chang Chen
Directed by Ang Lee

Movie Title: House of Flying Daggers (year 2004)
Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Andy Lau, Lu Feng
Directed by: Yimou Zhang

Movie Title: Hero (year 2004)
Starring: Zhang Ziyi, Jet Li, Tony Leung, Maggy Cheung
Directed by: Yimou Zhang

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Torn Between Two Travels at The Same Time

Planning a trip is what I've always like to do, call me an expert on that! Though I'm not a certified/professional travel planner but my own experienced on traveling many times since then thought me how to handle the trip. I always do my own itinerary when I go for a trip, never did I gets a tour operator or an excursion to guide me around the places. I hate those. It won't gives me totally satisfaction not to stay longer in the place I like. Because I always want to take my time to explore and observes their culture. You know those tour operator always have a limited time, and they gets paid through their services per hour and it's kind a expensive at the same time. Anyhow, my friends are planning to go up North next month to attend a huge Filipino festival. Sounds exciting but I'm not really sure if I could come because they don't know where to stay over for a night yet. They said if they couldn't find a place we will gonna stay in one of the extended stay hotels which has kitchen, Internet access, and free breakfast. It sounds cool to me but I still have to think about it because my husband and I also have other trip to look forward with.


It Works On Me

Getting a perfect shade of makeup was always my frustration especially the face powder. I ended up changing and trying the other product brands once I finished my old one. It's like when I don't know what diet pills that work for me. It is so hard for an oily face like mine to fine a perfect match makeup because sometimes my face gets irritated of some other brands. Thankfully I found the two best brands of pressed powder that I've been using for so long now. Why two? Because they are both PERFECT on my oily skin. It both gives a nice skin tone of my face and of course not to mention it both gives beauty on me. It is really suitable or should I say wearable in any occasions either day or night.

MAC Blot Powder- I use for social party.

CLINIQUE Stay- Matte Sheer Pressed Powder- I use everyday.

Photos 101: Pussy Cats

photographed by Me .

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Go Yankees!

Somebody leaved a bad message the other day here in "Cbox" bar of my blog said, the "Yankee's sucks!" :) I felt bad because I'm a Yankee fan, but to be honest I felt so petty on him because he's an idiot and ignorant. Too bad, he can no longer post any message here again, we block his i.p address. Bleh!! I really can't stand the morons at all.
Anyway, the Yankees on the other hand are now in full force to play and win the games this season. No matter what other people say the New York Yankees is still the most popular team in the whole Major League Baseball teams. It's already proven that they have the most fans in every states. Imagine, the New York Yankees tickets are always sold out no one can bets that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Monday, March 16, 2009

Pain Pump Lawsuit

I read about the article of shoulder pain pump lawsuit in the Internet news this morning. It is very interesting, in fact it lighten my mind about the facts that if patients who are suffering from PAGCL or Post-arthroscopin glenohumeral chrondrolysis after shoulder, knees, hips or wrist surgery may be entitled to legal compensation. If they have become ill because of the pain pumps you can file a lawsuits against the companies that manufacture or distribute the pain pumps. Wow, I didn't know this.

Christopher Cross Concert

Watched Christopher Cross free concert last Saturday (March 14,09) at Park Land City, Fl. It was awesome! I loved it. I'm a fan of his music since when I heard his song "Sailing" back in 1980's. He is an acoustic singer-song writer, he is very talented, if you want to be in love- listen his music, it's great. :) I truly can't believed the chance I got to see him performing live, thought I'm dreaming. Imagine, I've only listen of his greatest/famous songs on the radio or playing his Cd's but watching him live is such a crazy experienced! :)

Music video of SAILING by Christopher Cross

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Is Gossip Bad or Good?

Gossiping is part of woman's behavior- it is a "woman" nature. ^_^ One incident I wouldn't forget back in high school when my close friend having a huge problem with her boyfriend, she founds out that the guy has other girl at the same time. Of course she freaks out and angry about it the fact that the guy makes her believe that she's the only girl for him. Me and my friend already heard about the gossips from our classmates even schoolmates that he fools around her, but we chose not to believe unless we saw them being together on our own very eyes. To make the story short they broke up when she finally caught them. The sad happen after that when she founds out that she's gonna have a baby from him (her fool ex-bf) and the guy refused to take the responsibility of being a father of her child. In fact he asked her to have a DNA test or paternity test, what a fool! Thank God after a while they settled and both of them share the responsibilities although they didn't end up being together. I can tell now that sometimes gossiping help us to have a hint, for us to think twice about certain things. Sure, there is always a bad thing or a good thing about it and it's really all up for us to take a ride on it.

Fashionable 101: Gladiator Shoes

It's sunny here! We have a beautiful sunny 80 degrees here in the sunshine state from a couple of days ago until now. I really could not wait to end the winter season and say hello to spring. I don't like cold too much nor don't like to wear too much clothes, not to mention the boots! :( The fact is I love wearing these kind of shoes, Gladiator. They are so beautiful and comfortable on me, aren't they?

Friday, March 13, 2009

What A High Tech

Things are a lot more different now- everything is so high tech, compare before when I was younger. Take for example, the message communication before are through telegram or snail mails, it takes forever by the recipient to receive their messages. But now, it is so easy- in an instant! Thanks of the Internet computer, cellphone, telephone, etc.. etc., because of that it makes our life more easier, and I feel more closer to the other side of the world. Also, many high technology gadgets or appliances now a days are flat designs just like my computer, our TV! oh my goodness, we can even stick it on the wall or some TV does need a plasma stand or just a simple stand. Unlike before in 80's I remember our TV is so bulky with a built in wood cover on it. I can't moves it by myself. What a huge different. I am wondering if what will be the gadget looks like in the future? Just wondering.. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photos 101: Lick

Stormy's licking her tongue after eating the icing cake!

Got Great Deal on My Auto Insurance

Because of our economy crisis or recession, I'm sure many people (including me) now are having financial problems. But there are some loan investors are still here willing to extend their services and help even if you have a bad credit personal loans. This is a personal loans for people with poor credit, bankruptcy or past repossessions. So if you are holding back to get a loan because of your bad credit history, then, I think you have to try speak someone from loan investors to help your needs. Also, many retailers are now lowering down their prices in order for us can afford to buy their products. The gasoline price is at least not bad. Just recently I got a low down payment auto insurance for my car which helps me a lot to cut down my spending budget. Having said that still it is hard to find a money right now because of luck of opening jobs. That is why I am hoping and praying for more brighter future. I won't lost hope.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Vegetables Salad An Easy Way To Eat

Have you ever experienced craving the food what's in your mind the whole time, and end up eating a food that you did not plan or even thinking about? It happen to me today. The food I ate this morning and afternoon are not so heavy. I have oatmeal+ grapes in the morning, wheat bread sandwich+ apple in the afternoon. So I kind a bit hungry since I did not eat junk food
in between meals right before dinner. I think of fried chicken (my ultimate favorite) or anything that has meat, that is why my stomach craving so much. Until I forgot to think the food that I wanted to cook for dinner tonight because I'm too busy chatting with my sisters online. In order not to disconnect my conversation with them, I end up making vegetables salad for dinner. Well, I'm not really totally disappointed because vegetables salad is good and healthy. It's a good thing though, at least for me. :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

Easy Way To Get Cash

If you notice, there are plenty of loan lenders nowadays trying to help us to solve our financial problems. In order for us to get something we want to have or something we need, it is important to speak with one.
And if you can't think of any good source for extra money or if you in need of cash urgently, you should check out Many people are now using the Trustsource site to get cash fast. They offer payday loans, the easiest way to bridge your cash needs between paydays.It is very easy to apply for a payday loan from them, and in many cases they don't ask for you to fax any documents. There is no need for a credit check, either. They also have flexible payment options to fit your budget, and good services that get you the money you need right away. Once they approved your payday loan, they will electronically deposit the money you loan directly into your bank account. How quickly and easy is that?

Sunday, March 01, 2009

NYC Hotel near Stadium

Spring is almost near! I can't believe how time flies so fast, that means I'm getting older. Sad. Of course not, Not at all! :) I actually couldn't wait to watch my favorite ball game, the Major League Baseball game- the team New York Yankees! There are so many things to look forward watching this team, aside of their big star A-Rod who makes a noised on the press people in the past weeks now because of the controversial "Steroids" used issue, plus the new top players who just signed them, plus the new stadium, plus my favorite old time players who still makes the team, these are the good reasons to watch. I really wonder if there are still many Yankee fans gonna watch the game in the stadium despite of our economy crisis we have right now. And or the New York City hotel is booked already? That's I have to find out, because usually many Yankee fans who are living from other states travels to New York just to watch the Yankee Baseball game. Things like that are very interesting to know.

The Birthday Boy