Sunday, April 26, 2009

Look What I Got For Free!

This Panettone bread from Italy is usually prepared for Christmas and New Year around Italy. This is also called "fruitcake", it has raisins, peanuts, chocolate, cheese on it. Very taste good. So anyway, I found this bread in one of the grocery store when I do my regular food shopping. I guess they're selling Panettone since it was Easter. I was never hesitant to grabbed a small box of it for me to buy and try (haven't tried this Panettone before) after I read the 50% discount tag. After doing my rounds getting the food I need immediately I cash registered it along with the other food I have just bought. When it's my turn I noticed the cashier register the Panettone at a wrong price and I was told her about it. After she found out that I was right she cancelled the registered price in the computer and gave me the Panettone bread for free instead. I delighted and thankful at her. Although I didn't act being arrogant and angry towards her about the mistake she has just did in fact I confronted her very nicely. But I do really appreciate the gesture she shown to me in return after all. Giving me a free Panettone bread made me as a customer so happy and satisfied the services she rendered. That is why I always go back to that food store "Publix" knowing their customer service is always great, not just for the freebies. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Really, Don't Judge The Book by Its Cover!

This is one many of the proofs.. Susan Boyle a contestant of "Britain's Got Talent" wowed the people- especially the judge Simon Cowell by her extraordinary singing talent. They actually shocked her outlook first but the moment she sings they got more thrilled and shocked.
How surreal! She is now famous, and her videos in YouTube got 23 million views already, another wow! :) She deserves it..God Bless her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In My Garden: A Patio Furniture

Spring is now everywhere! I love to watch the flowers blooming, the leaves of the trees growing, and the green green grass. This is the perfect time for gardening of any trees, shrubs, plants or flowers because of the weather; not too hot, not to cold. I personally likes to garden the flowers such as Lily, Sun Flower, Cherry Blossom, Orchid, and I like Succulent too. The plants and flowers are just so gorgeous by adding attractions in our patio, with my new patio furniture I can seat and relax in our garden while reading my favorite books.

Fashion 101: Asymmetrical Dress

It is so beautiful.
Love the the designs, and the colours.
I will try it on me! :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The LCD Monitor Is Awesome

I have a long weekends, the husband and I are off from work in good Friday so we stayed home the whole time this weekends except tonight as we attended a dinner over in our friends house. What I did this weekends was burrowed, ate, and watched movies and Gossip Girl show the whole time. What impressed me is our new lcd monitor we have, the movie pictures was so cleared it's adjustable according to what we like. It made my eyes so comfortable and not being tired staring the monitor so easily. It made my day very relaxing.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Advance Happy Easter Everyone!

I promised myself not to blog today because of Holy week but I have to post this first before my off in the next few days. I grew up spending Holy time with my family back then, we just stay home no fights with my siblings, no regular TV shows, no regular radio music. All we have to do is pray and watch movies in our house of Moses, Jesus, Samson and Delilah or any movies that has something about in the Bible stories.
Thankfully we don't have work tomorrow so I can rest at home. And on Sunday Easter the husband, me and the rest of the family will gonna have dinner at our friends house. Please be safe and continue to pray all you my friends.
God Bless us.

{Photograph by Me}

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Trail Rides

I once visited the trail rides park in Tradewind Parks last year with the husband. They have plenty of horses there from baby-young adult- and adult horses who are adorable. I got scared when I touched one of the horse because he moans so bad, thought he is not in the mood at that time. I didn't force myself to pet them instead I take them photos. So lovely. Many other people who came there took a trail rides with the horse they just wore their comfortable clothes instead of riding breeches. There is a fee when you take a horse riding, I don't know exactly how much because I didn't care to take a ride- I'm afraid of horse.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge

We rode I-275 highway to Tampa just to see and pass the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. No wonder why the Travel Channel rated the Sunshine Skyway as number three (#3) on the "Top 10 Bridges" in the World. Because of its modern architectural design, the length of continuous travel, and its height above the emerald-green Gulf waters.

It is amazing. Feels like floating on the water.

{The last picture is taken from Wikipedia}

Moving On

My body is still not completely fine after my short vacation in Tampa. I have to regain my normal sleeping habit to be able to feel 100% better. It is so hard to do the things I wanted to finish right away if my body wouldn't cooperate. My monthly sickness was untimely arrive which makes me feel more tired. But anyway I have fighting spirit to move and to blog, for a strange reason it helps though. :) I silently laugh at myself if I remembered my friend who's with us in Tampa when she seriously asked every time we pass the toll way, why there is no toll free? Every ones staring at her laughing, and said ask the government! Hehehe

Photos 101: The Bay

{Photograph by Me}

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Notebook Memory

Grandma asked me to buy her a notebook specifically a tiny spiral pink pad last week. She reminds me of myself buying those things like stationary, special pens, and pretty notebooks for my journal back in grade school till high school. I used to writes my daily activities, life experiences bad or good on my secret journal in fact I called it my notebook memory back then when blogging is not yet created. High technologies change my lifestyle I now use computer notebook instead of paper notebook, what a huge different!

I know it

Before I watched this movie I knew I'm gonna like it, sure enough it proven me right.
I do watched pro wrestling back when I was young in 1980's when Hulk Hogan was the famous wrestler at that time. So I'm familiar with it. But I stopped following the show when I become teenager of course these kind of stuff usually for men. Until I met my husband and his family who are the avid fans of pro wrestling then I started to watch and familiarizing them again. I like to watch wrestling it is very entertaining especially the live match so crazy but fun.

Body Need Supplements

Our body needs vitamin everyday to supplements our body immune system. That is why I ate fresh fruit on my daily meals three times a day. I know by doing this is not really enough to have a strong body immune system. I am also aware that exercising and by eating the right food are also the right thing to do. Other than that taking food supplements is just an option. I do really care my health that is why I tried so hard to stay away from tempting delicious food and junk food. I also take supplement vitamins everyday. Think about it, not only human who need supplements but animals needs it too. The dog, cat and even horse supplements their body to be strong.

I'm Back!

I just came back from Tampa Bay attending PhilFest. Their flea markets are great, the food their selling are awesome! Because I'm away from my bed I'm having a sleepless nights over there for some reason my body didn't comprehend the place I sleep on. That is why I'm so sleepy right now. Before I go off to bed please allow me to show you a picture I took of Skyway Bridge in Tampa Bay. It is so amazing, isn't it? I know this shot did not give justice the beauty of it maybe the other angle shots I took will do. I will gonna post more photos on this some other time. Promise! :)