Sunday, May 31, 2009


While I was browsing the Internet websites I just stumbled upon this interesting elliptical an exercise equipment. I've mostly seen this particularly in the gym not in home. I guess it would be economical to own one of these elliptical equipments so that anytime we can use this to exercise at home without having the hustles driving a car to go the gym, doesn't it?

Photos 101: Butterflies

{Photographed by Me}
Taken last month during our trip in Fort Myers. This was when visited the Calusa Nature Center- one of an amusement park in there.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Palm Beach Heavenly Chocolate

Warning!Please eat moderately!

See I've told you, the sugary food are all over me in the past few days now, and I need to stop this! How can I? *sob* I will blamed it on my taste bud- its sooO sweet! Haha Guess who needs to watch the weight now? Moi. It's alright I will get some weight loss pills if ever my weight gain more pounds and that would be help! Hehe Kidding aside, this chocolate store I found across the Zales (while the two friends still deciding what jewelry to buy) jewelry store in Town Center Mall when we're hanging out there the other day. When seeing this store I thought I would faint. They are just so tempting and looks yummylicious. My day turned so bright that time. Feels like I'm in heaven. (exags! hehe) Chocolate is my ultimate best friend. It makes me feel high! Haha

i liked this chocolate Alligator design. very cool. nice to get for pasalubong (present) from here, as you'll know guys the Alligators lives here in Florida. clever noh? :)

To make the story short I bought these three little angels: dark chocolate truffle, chocolate biscuits, and fruit and nuts chocolate. Sooo yummy. I hide it from my husband cause I'm sure he will never allow me to go back there again. He's afraid if my sugar will get high. I feel so guilty after ate all of them. *pout*

Window Shopping Galore (two!)

Macy's: hmm... ma beauty but expensive! taking picture is free that's all i did in here. Hehe

Zales (the diamond store): the two of my friends were crazy about jewelries of this store, we decided to stop by just looking around anyway the reason why we're at the mall is to window shop. so okay we'll steps in. *sigh* they have indeed beautiful sparkling jewelries not to mention a huge sale price. i hold my breath when i saw a diamond ring that is pretty, and the only consolation i got are a free stare and a free snap shot of it then i took the opportunity eh! Hehe

beeyan was a victim of the store. she got this one for herself (she's so rich! hehe)
it is gorgeous kasi.

she also wanted these pair of earrings and necklace but her conscience told her not to
otherwise her wallet will broke. Hehe

Monday, May 25, 2009

Window Shopping Galore (one!)

It's nice to have a camera in the bag all the time so that we can snap a picture whenever we go, unless otherwise if you're not a photo hag like me. My girlfriends and I decided to go in the mall after we had lunch to look for a treadmill as we try to loss weight for our incoming Key West gate away. So we off and went at Town Center mall in Palm Beach. The stores we went into are;

Victoria's Secret: currently they are renovating the other side of the store for their room extension so it pretty much cluttered in that area at the moment. their sales on bras and panties doesn't hold me to stay long inside as many women getting in here and makes too crowded for me so I step out and went off to forever21 instead. only beeyan have patients to stay longer as she needs to get something in here desperately.

forever21: super chic store! I LOVE here. the inexpensive stylish clothes are can find here. one of my favorite store. i thank my friend as my conscience who keeps telling me "you don't need that, that's expensive! (even though it's not)" every time i found something interesting to buy. so i ended up empty hand when we went out. only beeyan got one.

Old Navy: another inexpensive store and has stylish clothing too. i really needed a swimwear for our Key West get away next month. Thankfully I found one here.

Carolina Herrera: a fancy boutique selling fancy clothes. this gown is really pretty.

Neiman Marcus: what can i say, a retailer store sells anything from the famous signature brand names. they have beautiful stuff here that i can't afford. i contented watching and touching them only. Hehe

Guilty Pleasure: Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

There were so much sweet-food going on me in the past few days. This is one of those an Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream I had in beeyan's house lunch yesterday. It was pretty good but "sinfull!!" ayayay! Good thing I didn't eat too much of this, I couldn't finish the sweet-food because my stomach was full already from the other food I ate prior to this. But this is seriously good. Thanks beeyan for hosting the lunch! You are such a great host. Next time around.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Fashion Shoe: Jellies Shoes

Here comes another shoe style I'd like to own (just a wish! *oink* hehe) or at least to find an exact style in an inexpensive price from an imitator retailer companies out there. Haha Each pair of these shoes has a price tag of $135.00 more or less from Kartell- the furniture company. That is right these shoes are made of plastic is kind a expensive (I could have get some treatment for acne of that money) no way I spend a hundred bucks for the shoes even if I can afford one. I do love shoes in fact I own a pair of jelly shoes made by Collin of Italy, and was bought it from Victorias Secret the shoe distributor through online. I paid three times less of that Kartell price. Bought it two years ago and I'm still using it until now. Of course I can't compare the quality of Kartell shoes from the other they really are good that's why it came out that price. And their shoe designs are really fabulous too. It's just that I'm a cheap fashionista.

An Extremely Creative Shoe

I stumble upon this extremely shoe designs in popgloss dot com while I'm browsing the Internet awhile ago. It inspires me to blog this unique style of shoes they are just so lovely. Kudos the designers of these shoes who never fails to amaze me.

an underwear shoe

a palm shoe

a wooden shoe

Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm a Certified 'Twilight' Fanatic

Enable to know and understand the feelings of Twilight's fans out there who are crazy towards Robert Pattinson (as Edward Cullen the vampire) and Kristen Stewart (as Bella Swan) you must have to see their movie. I know some people say the Twilight books and movies are overrated because of the media hype but in fairness the movie was great, it tells love and romance, fortunately many people are crazy about that. And I myself is a romance sucker too! That is why we loved the actors of that movie. Hehe

Watch Robert Pattinson in this video, isn't he awesome? He in fact doesn't sounds like an Englishman when he speaks (maybe i'm just staring at him the whole time he talks, gosh!) but he is cute though in spite of his untidy looks. What's up with that hair? He looks like need to have a clean hair cut, a shower, and with his pale skin color he seems need to have a colon cleaning. He actually nearly looks like a vampire- a handsome vampire. No I'm just kidding. Hehe I'm a fan!

New Moon is Coming Soon!

The most anticipated movie of Twilight sequel New Moon has made its own poster to feast on our eyes beautifully. I love it! Looks dark, scary and yet it's full of romance. This movie really captured my heart. I'm counting my days now until the movie shows on November. Can't wait!

{photos from E! online}

Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Invitation I Can't Refuse

A friend of mine sent me an invitation today to join them in KeyWest for next month gate away. I already asked my husband's approval as usual he wants me to go--sweet! I'm excited already because I love the beach, I've never been to Keywest, and it's fun to be with my wacky girlfriends. And most of all this is another op to take more photos! I feel giddy right now, so excited! Hehe! I need to start exercise as soon as possible for me can have body tone if not I will look for a weight loss supplements to take away my extra fats. As if I have plenty of extra fats. Haha! It's nice to look at the picture wearing swimsuit if the body is toned, that's why.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stormy Weather

Since early this month of May the rain was unpredictable. We experiencing quirky Stormy weather here sometimes when I woke up in the morning the sun was up normally until later of the day i heard a strong Thunder and then the next thing I know the rains poured. Same thing happened the next day, until the day after and after...
The weather changed more often times- the strong sound of a big Thunder awakes us from sleep in the early morning and then a rain follows. This is not new to me in fact this is just a start for a long Stormy weather before a Hurricane's come. For now I am enjoying the on and off rain as much as the trees and plants enjoys it. But I do always pray for a sunshine and a calm weather more often. Not everyday- I'm not that selfish, I know the plants and the trees need shower too.

A photo below was captured while driving on our way for work in the morning.
It was gloomy and drizzling at that time which I like.
Everybody is feeling so calm.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Couldn't Get Insurance?

There are many people out there who are still struggling to find a descent job. Not only here in our country but to some other countries too. I felt so sad if I saw the people who have just lost their job couldn't find a way to get back their life as what they have before.
Hopefully soon our economy will rise up again and back to what its normally happen so that more investors can reinvest to open up more opportunities for all of us. At this time of crisis it is very hard to get sick, as money matters nobody can afford to be hospitalized now. Mostly average people can't afford to have medical insurance even if they wanted too. Sad to say only those fortunate people now have multiple insurances, no matter how pricey the term life insurance rates could cost them it has no big deal.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Less Words

I still can't really get enough of this Macy Gray's song *i try*. Every time I open up my blog site I immediately played the music video and ended up listening on it again and again many times until my mind couldn't think what to blog. Haayyyy...I am now falling asleep. Guess who's making no sense? Moi!

Nyt, nyt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

*i try* Reminiscing 90's song

Gosh, I love listening this Macy Gray's song before and up until now.
Lovely and cool!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

FoodTrip: Beef & Chicken Fry with Yakisoba Sauce

I have no choice but need to post this on my blog since Mother's day was already over. The husband and I took out our mothers (mom & grandmama) to the Chinese/Japanese restaurant last Sunday as we celebrated their "Day". I ordered that food (picture attach), was found from their Chef Specialty lists in the menu. The verdict? Was so-so, I'm not loving the food maybe because of the sauce. I will never ever order it again next time. That's for sure. :)

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Cooking 101: Angel Hair Pasta with Shrimp & Tomato

As long as I can afford to buy fresh shrimps this recipe I'm going to share with you will always be in my cooking list at least once or twice a week. I do writes a list of the recipe I'm going to cook and the ingredients I'm going to buy for the week in order to fasten my task. The husband and I are both like the Angel Hair Pasta for some reason. So I always stocks a few boxes of it in our house in case the stores are running out of stock. (not! hehe) Tomatoes in the other hand are our favorite fruit (?) if you may ask why tomato is a fruit? technically it is a fruit, it is also consider as a berry. go figure through Google!)
Also tomato is our favorite food ingredient especially for the pasta. Such as dried tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and the sauce. We actually try to stay away from butter base sauce for our pasta because of the cholesterol. Besides in Italy tomato sauce was their famous main ingredient for their pasta even until now, so I stuck from the original. :) Anyway, to cook on this was so easy. It does not requires a lot of your time.

Here are what I usually add on the ingredients:

*Angel Hair pasta noodles, fresh shrimps, fresh cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, baby carrots, dry white wine, tomato paste, garlic, onion, bell pepper, salt & ground pepper to taste.*

Please bear with me as I could not give you the exact ratio of each ingredients. When I cook, I do estimation. Adding amount of ingredients are according on what my taste like. For example, if I am planning to consume this for 2 days I will add 10 pieces of large fresh shrimps in it with 6 pieces of cherry tomatoes, a few drop of dry white wine and tomato paste something like that. It's like "go figure again"?! Sorry. hehe

Here how's to cook:

1. Cook noodles in boiling salted water until it firm. Drain.
2. In a separate pan toast the spices ingredients with olive oil in just a few minute, then add the shrimps and baby carrots cook until the shrimps turn brown.
3. Add a few amount of dry white wine following the cherry tomatoes, dried tomatoes, and the tomato paste. Simmer in just a few more minutes.
4. Add noodles to the heated sauce, mix it.

Voila, that's it! You will never disappoint the taste because it does taste good. Promise.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Fashion 101: Hermes Bag

Many elite people and celebrities are mostly seen carrying their Hermes Birkin bags nowadays. A bag that is notable of being super expensive! And most featured in every fashion magazines, and most talk about in the world of fashion blog. It was once featured on Forbes magazine last year that Hermes is one of the World's Most Extravagant Handbags. The bag was inspired by French actress Jane Birkin, so if you see her bag is Birkin by Hermes made of Crocodile, it has a price tag of more or less $120,000. Luxurious eh! (poor Crocodile! Hehe) I really couldn't understand why this type of bag is so expensive (I could have buy a house on its price), maybe because the Crocodile is hard to kill or exotic? Oh, yeah, to own one of this is such a symbol of one's social status. Duh! Whatever. Actually the Birkin has many different kinds of style depending on what grade of leather it is made of with a price tag a minimum of $6,000 I believe. So think about that, calculate it, we need to have plenty extra money or be a millionaire in order to own one. If you are a bag hag and can't afford to buy it I guess the best way to do is channeling it or diy- make your own bag inspired by it. Why not? Go figure! hehehe. No, I can not do it because my talent is not in fashion making. I'd rather to buy a custom tote bag and ask to put the words "go green bag!" on it. lol

(picture above: a loot photos from google images)

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: The Godiva Chocolate

Grandmama handed me this beautiful little box the other day when the husband and I went to see her and mommy. I was surprised when they said this is their early Mothers Day gift for me (although I'm not literally a mother yet, only because I'm a mother of our dog Stormy :-)) since the said celebration is almost approaching. And they also want me to know that I am love by them- so sweet, eh! Yes, they are. And very thoughtful too.
They know chocolate is my favorite that is why they got me one of this special Godiva chocolate edition. These are not big each of the chocolate just has a regular bite size but my goodness it was taste so unbelievably good. I promised grandmama and mommy not to eat them until the day of Mothers Day (this coming Sunday already) but can't really wait until then. I ate it when we got home after I took photos of it. It did not even stays a day longer in our house! I know, I'm bad. *wink*. I couldn't resist the temptation of this guilty pleasure little thing. Hehehe Why oh why?! It's alright, I know it didn't consume tons of calories when eating this and so as my sugar blood count is perfect! Grandmama and mommy laughing at me when I told them that the said chocolate are gone eaten by a squirrel alike and that's me. Haha.

I learned that the Godiva was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1926. And was open in Paris in 1958 as first Godiva shop outside Belgium, later on Godiva has reached United States. Until now their products have continued success to reach the heart of every chocoholic person. It is well known as one of the best chocolate in the world. That is why the price is also high. *sigh*

(on the picture; the white color star shape piece of chocolate has strawberry filling in it. yum..yum..)

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Been To Fort Myers A Week Ago

I'm so glad to finally visit our friends who just moved in Fort Myers, and to see the city and the beach of beautiful Fort Myers at the same time. The husband knows how I love to go and see other places so he asked our friend to bring us in the beach because when you say Fort Myers their beaches are one of the most beautiful and most visited by many locals here in Florida. I love the beach there it's clean compare to our beach here in the city of Fort Lauderdale (it's too crowded in Fort Lau). It's pretty nice, I would love to go back there sometimes.

{photograph by Me}