Monday, July 27, 2009

FoodTrip: Pasta w/ Chicken and Espresso for drinks

This is my long overdue post about my previous food-trip I had. Me and my husband had dinner at the Cypress Restaurante [and Italian restro] last Fourth of July [an United States, Independence Day] celebration just this month. It was our first food-trip in this restaurant so we expects nothing but the best. Sure why not? Typically Americans went out to the beaches partying or having barbecues at home with their family during those time. Well, for some people just like me and the husband were preferred to dine out in the restaurant to avoid the crowds and cooking, after all it's a rest day. :)
In the restaurant was not a busy mode. I can even count with my fingers the people dine in there. My husband said, 'this is a sign of the crisis'. Ohh, my guy was so silly! In my mind I guess their food are not that good but I'm wrong. I ordered Espresso for my beverage and their specialty Cypress Pasta with Chicken for my food and how can I forget the Pistachio Gelato for my dessert. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the Gelato.
I'm not really too crazy about coffee though. I tried to avoid caffeine as much as I can, that is why. But if my quirky moods attack me I drink coffee but Espresso. For me no one can bets Cuban Espresso, i love it! How's that? :) Anyway, my usual drinks when I'm in the restaurant are H2O, caffeine free tea, fresh juices or hot chocolate. So at that time I ordered...

Ahh, so strong but Yum.

Pasta with chicken, white wine, grape tomatoes, cream, fresh basil and cheeses.
It was good.
I rated 4 out of 5 stars.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We Were Crazy Girls...

I attended a birthday party thrown by four Filipinos celebrants in the neighborhood with my friends last Saturday evening. My friend was always my designated or personal driver whenever I go out with the gals. I still can't drive for goodness sake, I know, I should not be proud of it but my friends understand my situation. So lucky me. And I always been thankful of my friends for being patient and understanding. But, hey! I have a plan to take the drive lessons of course.

Anyway, my friends picked me up as always after the set time- Filipino time as what we call it. At that time the thunder was coming it was dark, windy, and scattered some lightnings outside. So.. when we arrived at the club house in the neighborhood the parking lots were occupied already. Note-the club house is not that big, since mostly every one has a car we couldn't find a spot while the ecstatic weather are very annoying. Because we are so desperate we parked the car on the grass, gee.. the rain was pouring already as we had to walk in the club house! A white guy caught the car parked on the grass of course he shouted us to get the car out there now! Or else he will gonna call a police to tow it or a motorhome towing or whatever they call it. We explained to him what happen after the talked he offered his parking car on his house just near the club house. Phew! What a relief. When we were in people had just finished eating. Well.... they had tones of food [Pinoy always does that] we expected it. Right then and there we took some bites so hungry already. It was fun after all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

U.O. Me!

The Urban Outfitters online shop had a tremendous summer sale last two weeks ago. The price were $4.99 (was $38.00), $9.99 (was $48.00), etcetera. As an avid fanatic of U.O. and was tempted by the down price made me purchase the craps! Hehe Oh well, the clothes are adorable and besides the last purchase I made with them was year 2007, and also because I deserve it.. :)
I can't wait to fit the clothes. SO excited!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Anna Wintour Who?

When The Devil Wears Prada movie was going to be shown in the big screen last 2006 I knew its gonna be fun to watch. Sure enough I enjoyed watching it with my 82 years old grandma. Yes, we both like the fashion style even though we don't wear an expensive piece of signature clothes as we couldn't afford one. :) I contented admiring those people in the fashion world by inspiring me to feel and look young on my own little way. That's why watching a movie that has something about fashion is what I also like.

Anyway, many people in the press speculates that the character of Miranda Priestly an editor-in-chief of the number one fashion magazine in the movie was like based on Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. I had no idea who she was.

Until... I searched her name and read about her, and was able to watched her Barbara Walter interviews. Ahh, what a stylish woman and looks so intimidating too. :) I adore her- the way she dresses up and on how she maintain her body [it seems like she is using Kettlebell to maintin the muscles of her body] figure despite her age. If I will given a chance to live on my second life I'd like to be her- only on how the way she dresses and being a smart. lol

And the next thing I know she will gonna have a movie? Yeah, The September Issue this year! Wow. Interesting.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DIY: Eyebrows Grooming Techniques

DIY means Do It Yourself- so there you go, while I was trying to groom my eyebrows the other day I felt so awkward because it didn't look seems right for me. The right side of my eyebrow trimmed very short while the other side trimmed very thin because I used a tiny scissor (nail scissor!) instead of twizzer. As a matter of fact I don't groom my eyebrows by myself. I usually asked somebody in the hair salon to groom my eyebrows too whenever I had my hair done back in the homeland before I moved here.
I have yet been going to a hair salon here ever since even though the husband offered me to pay the service but I refused for some reason I want to be economical when it comes to my hair. The hair salon services fee here are too expensive I'd rather to trim my own hair instead. So that is why there is no chance to groom my eyebrows by a specialist. I'm a cheap I know. :)

Well, thanks to the Internet where everything can be found in just a click away for any helpful ideas we need for free [idea like on how to lose belly fat, etcetera]. Like what I just found a website that has video on how to groom the eyebrows by do it yourself. I had fun watching the video, the techniques they are sharing are absolutely very helpful for those women like me who has no budget to go the hair salon for this kind of thing.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson Daughter Paris Made Me Cry

As I watched the replay videos of Michael Jackson memorial service yesterday night after work, his daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson really touched my heart and cried while watching her speaks about how she loves her daddy. Such a dramatic moments. I felt sad then. I can't imagine myself if this such thing would have happen to me. Oh life..

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Should I Get Wind Deflectors?

I was thinking about of wind deflectors for a days now since the weather here in Florida are started to keep changing every now and then. I mean the hot-wet-lightning-wind who knows might be hurricanes will come, who would know (I hope not). As I'm trying to prepare of what would happens that is why getting of wind deflectors for our cars are what's in my list of priorities right now. A wind deflectors I am talking about are these things found on the side window of the car in the attach picture here.

This will help for cutting down the airstreams and raindrops that hamper our daily travels.

Reminiscing 90's Music: 3T- I Need You

When was the last time I heard this song? Wow, it's been a long time I couldn't even remember. All I know is that this song was so famous in year 1996. I was in third year college then. Single. hehehe Well, to be honest this song has no significant happen with my past personal life. Nada. It's just that the song was beautifully created by the young talented artists plus the coolest Michael Jackson was the collaborator of this song. I just found this out again today while browsing some Michael's videos archive in YouTube. I'm glad I found this. Love the song.

3T was the artists who sang this song. They are Taj Jackson, Taryll Jackson and Tj Jackson. Familiar? Yes, they are Michael Jackson's nephews, the sons of Tito Jackson from the Jackson 5 which of course the brother of Michael. In this song the background vocals of the last part of the song was Michael's vocal. Cool- that's what about it!


Some people I know wouldn't believe that I buy cheap things like bags, shoes, clothes or anything that is something for my vanity hag. When I'm surrounded by women either in the office work or at the social party I intend not to brag them about what stuff that I have nor how much do I paid for it. You know some women are curious so... I'm telling only if they ask me. Somehow they would know by chance. So yeah, I do like to shop vintage stuffs or any surplus merchandise. It is some kind of like a treasure for me to get some good finds in a thrifty store or in a clearance department store. It fills my life go round. hehehe At least my wallet would not broke.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Guilty Pleasure: Gelato

While I was looking for a box of pizza at the frozen section in the grocery store, I stumbled upon this little pint of Gelato in the corner of that aisle. I can't help myself but grabbed a pint of Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato for the first time! I haven't tried Gelato ever since though I always heard about it but did not mind of buying one as I am an Ice Cream hag. Seriously. I know, I'm ridiculously addicted of sweet food especially chocolate. Honestly I don't eat chocolate or any sweet food every single day, in fact I will consume this one pint of Gelato in two weeks or so. I know my limitation that is why I'm not fat and so far my body sugar is still normal.

I'm just saying..

Anyhow, buying the Talenti Gelato made my money worth. It was so great! It does not that sweet unlike Ice Cream. And oh the caramel was so good.