Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Spirit Of Christmas

Christmas is a long celebration in the Philippines. People there usually started to hang their Christmas decors in and outside their house from the month of September (whenever there is "er" of the month), they also started playing Christmas songs, in fact some children are already caroling. That's what I miss about Christmas here in the U.S. Since I moved here being grown up in a traditional family I still do wrapped Christmas gifts to send it for my family back in the Philippines.

Actually I shop for gifts little by little ahead of time, so that it won't cost me heavy out from my pocket if I do that. Especially my nephews and niece had their long Christmas lists that you can't imagine. They are such cute kids and smart for me not to give their gifts-wish. They asked for Twilight Saga DVD's, robots, PSP portable disc, clothes, bags, shoes, perfumes. One of my cousin's asked an acne treatment for her. Can you imagine? But you know I'd love to give whatever they wish for as in everything. Unfortunately I have no such fortune to give they want. Perhaps somehow, someday. I wish.

Guilty Pleasure: Fruit Tart

Fresh Market store has a lot to offers when it comes to sweet goodies food.
Candies, nuts, dried fruits, pastries and cakes. It was there when I found this delicious fruit tart. This tart is absolutely taste good. It's not too sweet because of the fresh fruit they put are not that sweet at all. I love it very much, it makes me scream more! :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Outfit

If there is something that I'd like to be and wear this coming Halloween party with my friends, I would like to be a Charlie of the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie of Johnny Depp. I like Charlie's outfit with his tuxedo (I like anything about men's tuxedo ) and hat, not to mention I love chocolate. That is why I am thinking about that outfit to be wearing this coming Friday night for our Halloween party but I'm not decided yet.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Theeeeeeeeeee Yankees Win!

As the LA Angel is fallen. This is my first time watching the Yankees win for the American League Championship Series. It's very exciting and fun.
Now, we're looking forward for the World Series Games!

(photo credit: dailynews)

I Tried

I've been eating less meat for a couple of days now just to try being healthy, and I'm also trying to lose some weight. If top weight loss pills doesn't work for me eating strictly veggies is one way to help me this. I stumbled upon the website for vegetarian recipes which is my source to cook some vegan food for us.

I tried this food- Sweet Potato-Bean Burito. A hundred percent vegan food including Sour and Cream dip. I'll tell you, this is way too good. The husband is a happy camper! Hehe

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Surprise Gift

For me and my husband's wedding anniversary. This blessing we received came from our family friends who loves to travel living in Illinois. They are very thoughtful couples.

Unbox present from our friends in Illinois.

What a lovely Gorham made in Germany.

A cat with ribbon full lead crystal.

Can't Wait To Work Again

I have twenty-two days left starting today before I start to work full time again. This time my work is flexible meaning I work during weekend, and especially during holidays. I took the job because I feel so bored staying at home already (even though I am home-body type of a person). Also I took the job because I want to increase my SSN contributions so that I can avail a social security disability when the time comes I needed it. And I also took the job because I need to have more work experience. Most of all the work place is situated just within the city where I live. Its very convenient for me.

That is why right now I took plenty of sleep since I have yet started my job. I am enjoying my free time to do what I wanted to do.

ALCS GAME: Rained Out

As a Yankee fanatic, my family and I were so excited to watch the game last night. The husband, Stormy and I drove to my in-laws house to watch together for that game. We prepared food to feast, our lucky charms were set already as we predicted the Yankees will win. The next thing we knew the game was cancel because of the heavy rains in New York. The game 6 of NY Yankees versus LA Angels was rained out to move on tonight. My family and I was pissed off! I hope it won't rain tonight. And I wish the Yankees will win.

(photo credit: daily news)

Recession That Is

Many airline companies are now selling their tickets in a very lower price. I can't believe how cheap the cost of the airline tickets (just like a cheap term life insurance) you can get now. Maybe because many people are affected by the recessions they are not frequents to travel somewhere anymore just to save money. I'm always getting an email messages until now from the airline company where my husband and I used to take whenever we travel just to offer us a great lower air fares. Unfortunately, we don't have plans for now.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Snuggie and Me

Because I'm a hot blooded my body couldn't stay long in cold places. As what my family said, I'm lucky to live in Florida. Yes, I am. But not during winter season! I know, I may sounds like crazy but for me winter in Florida is still cold. Please don't ridicule me because I haven't seen nor experienced a snow ever since that's why I am complaining if the temperature would down to 30 from 70 degrees.

Me wearing a snuggie while having a talk with my family. Isn't it odd?

oh, just like this one here. haha!

High Technology

Having a Linksys router at home makes me and the husband have space from each other. We use our own Internet computer in a separate rooms. I have a computer room downstairs, and he has his own computer room upstairs. This way we can not disturb by each other hence the husband is doing a serious business while me just blogging. Seriously, the husband doesn't like to be disturbed. That's why linksys router is a major advantage for us unlike before we used ordinary modem for just one Internet computer, very hustle, we can't be productive on our own. Now, everything is high-tech.

Bye, Bye, My Old Luggage!

A friend of mine borrowed my luggage when she had to visits her sister somewhere in the south of Texas. When she arrived at her sister's place, she called me up right away just to inform that my luggage has a damage. I thought the handle was off because it is already loosen out the last time I used it. I just forgot to tell my friend about it when she borrowed the luggage from me. She then told me that the belt of the luggage was broken. She couldn't use the locker anymore. I told her not to worry about it, for me, its not a big deal. Anyway, I have actually plans to buy a new one an Eagle Creek luggage which is more durable and versatile. I've been eyeing for this one for so long now. I guess this is the right time for me to retired my old luggage.

Marge Simpson

This is Marge Simpson the mother of Bart, Lisa and Maggie in the infamous The Simpsons comedy show. Her voice amuses me even though I hated it for some reason it makes me laugh. She is a strong woman always do what is right unlike her husband Homer Simpson idiotic sometimes. LOL

This is Marge Simpson, her recent gig, a cover girl on Playboy magazine.
One of a kind. I don't think its funny.

(photo credits: google images)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Goodbye Astringents!

I felt terrible when I woke up early in the morning the other day because my face has red blotches looks like an acne but it didn't itch me. I thought the hives came back again. I was so scared. Unfortunately my face got irritates by the facial medicines I used before I went to bed. The Olay- toner- astringent plus Olay-at-night-skin-firming cream I used at the same time makes my skin irritation. I'm stop using it now. I'm thinking to get the best acne treatment but fortunately my skin irritation were gone after two days. So folks I was a victim of mix and match the facial cream just to beautify my skin. I should have not do that. I now learn.

Nobody Can Stop Me...

Listening Michael Jackson's music again and again.
I just can't get enough of him. He!He!

Here's more, my gosh the fans were so crazy. Love this song.

Invest Your Money Now

Buying a house now is I guess the best time to do since the market value is very low and the supplies are so many to choose from. This is the best time to invest our money savings so that in the future we can resale it for the highest value price. If only my husband and I have plenty of savings to afford to buy a manufactured home we will then invest our money to buy one. That is our great dream. But for now, we are planning to rent a manufactured home or a mobile home somewhere up North in Florida for a short vacation that way we can save money while staying at home.

THIS IS IT Movie Trailer

Isn't it Michael a great performer? Awesome.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I Now Officially A Driver of A Car

I finally passed my driving test and I have now a professional driver's license. Whoaa! Let me rewind from the beginning of my first attempt driving test at DMV. My first appointment at DMV, Lauderhill, Fl. was in third weeks of last month. I was so confident that I could get the test so easily but when I'm there I started to get nervous and barely couldn't get out from the parking lot. Of course what else the initial reaction of the instructor was mean. She kept saying "oh my gosh, you need more practice!". I was terrified. I couldn't help myself. So I was failed the reasons she said that I didn't stop when there is a "stop sign", that's it. She didn't let me go through the other tests.

My second attempt was after 3 days I came back in the same DMV. I got a new woman instructor. I was not nervous at all, I felt enthusiastic but when she asked me to park my car straight without hitting the cones in the parking space. I hit the cones. I failed again. It was awful!

My husband and I decided to get a driving school for a one day parking lessons at the DMV parking lot. This time I changed DMV office into another city near us. Aside from that I also keep practicing how to park and 3-point-turn in the parking lot here in our own community. It really helps. I made it! I got no mistakes for my 3rd time driving test. What a big relief.

Now that I have a driver's license, I'm driving our car by myself without any hesitations. I thought I can't do it but yes, I can. I'm now loving to get auto accessories for our car. Unlike before I just don't care as long as our car is clean and the machines are in good conditions I will take a ride. Things are changed I'm now care about a car.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What I've Been Up To These Days

A lot of great things happened to me in the past few days. I also been busy running some personal errands. But the good news is I am doing fine.

Lately, my family were up until late at night just to watch baseball game (the ALCS), the NY Yankees versus the LA Angels. We're a Yankee fanatics. So far the team is doing better. We won't miss every single game. It's just so fun to watch them playing.

Lately, I got my driver's license. Yap. I'm now officially independent woman. LOL

Lately, I got a new job. Yay!

Lately, I went to Target. I drove to go there a lone. Yay!

Lately, I sent my family a package for Christmas. God bless us. :)

Lately, I've been making manggo float cake. My husband loves it.

Latey, I've been so gaga listening of Lady Gaga new hits song "Paparazzi". I know it's a non-sense but the upbeat is good.

Lately, I've been eating nougat chocolate made in Switzerland. Sooo good.

Lately, I am craving Chinese food. It's been awhile since I ate siomai or crispy chicken with sesame seeds. But since my mood swings I'd take out chicken with sweet & sour sauce. It's yummy.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Online Degree at Western Governors University

Many people are having difficulties of getting a descent job
they wants because of the unstable economy that we are experiencing right now. It is very tough, there are many competitions out there. In order for us to compete with the other job applicants of a certain job that we are applying for, and that would pays a higher salary too, we should consider of getting a higher education or a training. In this new age online degree is just one click away. That way we don't need to spend of gas for our car driving just to be able in school. That would save our budget too.

We can get a great education at Western Governors University that won't create financial hardship for us and for our family because WGU is a non-profit and more affordable than other online universities. Western Governors University is an online university driven by a mission to expand access to higher education through online. It's a fully accredited online education institution. They offers online teaching degree, online master's programs, online college health professions, online college business, and many more.

Friday, October 09, 2009

Hot Hot Hot!

Feels like summer here right now in Florida. I can't imagine the hotness plus high humidity that we are experiencing right now in sunny state. I would faint. The weathers are so quirky. I don't blame the mother nature it's scary if they gets angry. Well, its because of the hot outside our a/c machine get burnt out (it stop working). There's no air conditioning going on in our whole house. That is the disadvantage of having a centralize a/c. Once the main machine's dead the rest will follow. We're soaking sweat since yesterday. Yikes! Thanks to our backup (the ceiling fan, standing fan, and humidifier) it helps us to cool on. Unfortunately our dog doesn't satisfied it. She's drooling and catching her breath. Poor baby.

This morning our friend came to help us. Thanks of his kindness our a/c are now working. Yippee!
We are now so comfortable. The coldness inside the house right now make me feel so sleepy.

Gotta go, night night everybody!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Our 3rd Year Wedding Anniversary Treats

Full of surprises, love, and fun! How wonderful it is to be love. :-) More exciting years to come!


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

TOMS Shoes for Women

I super dooper in love with this shoes! Love the designs and the colors-- it rocks! She's absolutely gorgeous.

Aira Cordones for Women
One for One.

Product Descriptions:
  • ultra-light, comfortable Cordones in natural canvas with leather trim
  • Canvas Upper
  • Soft leather insole
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Arch and heel support
  • Can be worn with or without laces

I got it from here.

Shop and Give! Corodones Collection from TOMS Shoe

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Dating and Relationship Advice by Bob Grant

After reading this I thought his article is very interesting. So I decided to share it with you guys.

by Bob Grant:

Do you know of someone who has a pattern of always dating losers, bad boys, who always break their heart and leave them crying? For those women, oftentimes they need help in identifying the signs of such unreliable men.

Let’s define a loser as a man who is totally into himself and has little empathy for a woman’s needs. He is a man who has a pattern of sweet talking women in an attempt to sweep them off their feet and into the nearest bed. He will wine you and dine you and tell you how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have met you. These men are very good at what they do because they’ve had a lot of practice!

These men are wonderful in the beginning of a relationship; however, in time they most always become less attached and more distant to their partner. Some never call back, others break dates and some even “forget” their wallet and their date ends up paying for the meal.
Have you ever met or dated a man such as this? Perhaps he never said he loved you, and whenever you spoke about commitment, he would change the subject.

The truth is that no woman ever wakes up in the morning and says to herself, “Today I need to find a man who will hurt me.” Rather what most often happens is that many women (and men) tend to confuse intensity with reliability. They meet someone who makes them FEEL wonderful or excited and they assume that he is a good man. The problem isn’t that their feelings are wrong. What gets them into trouble is that their intense feelings often cause them to ignore bad or inconsistent behavior that they would clearly see if they were not so emotionally involved.

What if there was a way to effortlessly attract men that were both exciting as well as dependable? Not simply a technique, but a manual that showed how successful women captivate men in such a way that they never get mistreated.
What if information was available to transform you into the woman that men adore? “The Woman Men Adore…and Never Want to Leave,” shows every woman the secrets to attract and keep the man of her dreams.Click Here to see for yourself!

Friday, October 02, 2009 (The Black Eyed Peas): Take Me To The Philippines

It's time to see the other side of the Philippine news. The positive one. No more heartbreaking! of The Black Eyed Peas put a pride for his homeland, the Philippines. Because he made another song to promote his homeland in spite of everything. Which i think is cool. Indeed the islands of the Philippines are posh, exotic and beautiful. Talking about that I now misses it. Can somebody take me to the Philippines? *Sigh*

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Philippines- Typhoon Ondoy the Aftermath

Manila, Philippines experienced the wrath of typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) last weekend. Typhoon Ondoy left so much damage in the area including the life of so many innocent people and animals. Not to mention the people's valuable possessions too. My family are not affected by the typhoon because they live somewhere in the south of the Philippines but I have relatives who are living in Manila where typhoon Ondoy was. Some of my relatives are fine it didn't damage their house but some were. Despite of the calamity in Manila- Filipino are still manage to smile for some reason I don't know. Oh maybe because pinoys are wacky? I think so. As I'm watching the videos about the typhoon Ondoy in YouTube I saw some children swam the flood on the street just like a beach. I thought it was funny. :) They are so innocents. That is so pinoy!

I loot this video below from YouTube. A heartbreaking sight.

Seriously, I feel sad watching this. I can't imagine myself being in this situation. It took a lot of bravery and courage it doesn't matter whether you are rich or poor. So scary. Meanwhile, as of right now the weather updates in Manila there is another super typhoon name "pepeng" coming their way. I hope and pray the god will stop it. It's too much already.

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