Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Memorable Things or Moments From 2009

1) I celebrated birthdays for mom, grandma, the husband + Stormy, myself, and family & friends.
2) Husband and I celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary.
3) I traveled mostly in the part of Florida; Wesley Chapel, Brandon farms, Tampa Bay, Key West, Key Largo, Boca Raton Beach, and Fort Myers.
4) I attended Sinulog "Sr. St. Nino" Festival for the first time here in the South of Florida.
5) I was able to see live concert of Christopher Cross.
6) I attended Philippine Festival at Tampa Bay for the first time.
7) I was hospitalized and so was Stormy.
8) I was laid off from my job.
9) I experienced working at the retail company.
10) I met many people that I couldn't imagine.
11) I drove in the express way for the first time with super doper heavy rains before I got my driver's license.
12) I got my driver's license after 3 driving test attempts!LOL
13) I discovered many different kinds of chocolate and ice creams. :)
14) I got a signature french bag from grandma's sister.
15) Husband and I sent another big box (the gifts) to my family in the Philippines.
16) I learned many different cultures and histories by watching classic movies and documentaries. Thanks to my husband! :)
17) I was able to cooked many different kind of food.
18 I was able to say "No" at my friends whenever they invited me to go out, that way I spent more time with my family and myself.
19) I hosted another lunch for Christmas day this year.
20) I, my husband, Stormy and the rest of my family and friends survive 2009!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Goodbye 2009............. Hello, 2010!!

Thank You 2009

Despite of the economy crisis we have this year (2009) I am  very much thankful to god for giving us constant blessings that we savor every single day. Many different kind of sweets-food and vegetarian recipes I discovered this year. As a chocoholic, I found truffles chocolate my new best friend aside of course the Godiva's chocolate and many others. It is dark-bitter-sweet kind of taste and have less cholesterol just because it is pure dark chocolate without creme on it. I'm talking about the Classic French Truffles! Also I found Nougat very yummy. Just like the Black and Mild cigars very unique. For the vegetarian food I discovered 100% vegetarian pizza without cholesterol by making my own recipe. Thank god it came out taste good! So far I cook this pizza once a week for the husband. He never gets tired of it. :)

For 2010, I will continue to dig and search a new recipes for food, and chocolate for me!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I Quit

from my job just recently, I can't take the stress anymore because of my crazy work schedules! I realize that retail job is not just for me. It's an easy job if you can think of but it's hard if you're in my shoes because of those flexible working hours that doesn't give me a better salary. It doesn't worth it at all. The money I'm getting from that job couldn't pay my hospitalization if ever I get sick. So just like that I quit even they wanted me to stay. I feel so happy of my decision right now. I have no regrets.

On my short time working at the retail company I have so many things that I learn from it. 1) Using coupons when purchasing an item is a great deal, but there's a catch! Read the coupon instructions very carefully sometimes it fools you. 2) It easy to return the purchased items if we have proof of purchase to show. I know this is a self explanatory but in my experience I still got so many customers returning their item without proof of purchase, I hate to explain it to them every now and then (it's my job anyway, haha!) so from now on I keep my receipts just in case I have something to returned. 3) I'm expert when it comes to dealing the customers many times I got compliments from them, very rewarding. But somehow I encountered predators! That breaks my heart. I hate it. 4) Not only I have a customer predators I also have co-associates predators!! The meanest of all witches! LOL Somehow I manage to insult them (with my signature polite tune) or I ignore them. 5) At work every different races have their own groups like black, hispanic, and white since I'm the only Asian I choose and try to get along all of them. I got to learn from their cultures. Cool!

What I've accomplished? I got them a credit (which is hard to achieve but I did it, I am so proud of myself) and they gave me $3 as a reward. Yay cheap! Hahaha I made over of my selling goals not only once but trice! That's why they keep increasing my selling goals every now and then. Yay! LOL
I really do thankful for these experiences. Something that I can be proud of. I don't feel bad to end this year without a job because I have a feeling of having a new job to start a new year.

Celebrating Christmas

At home with the family is the most wonderful experience that I've always treasure. Ever since I moved here in the U.S.A to start a new life with the husband god never fails me to bless of having a wonderful family. I feel at home. I volunteer from my in-laws to host a lunch every Christmas day celebration. So, ever since it is our tradition to have a party in my home.

We usually started to exchange gifts before we digging in the food. I (even my dog Stormy) love exchanging gifts! It brought so much fun and excitement.

This year Christmas celebration I prepared a simple yet healthy delicious meals for us. Two weeks before Christmas I am searching recipes for me to prepare. Thanks of my FoodNetwork magazines! It made my searching a lot easier. I edited some of the ingredients of the recipes in order for me to achieve the goal to cook a vegetarian food. I cooked for the appetizer: Deep-Fried Green Beans, for the main entree: Rice Pilaf, Spicy Escarole w/ Garlic, Vegetable-Mushroom Stew and for not so vegetarian I cooked Mustard-Dill Fish, for the dessert: Creme Brulle

I was surprised the food came out taste good. Not I am biased because I cooked it but because the recipes is came from the proffesional chefs of the said magazine. Anyway, everybody was happy and enjoyed feasting the food. I hope everybody had a blast Christmas this year. I wish you all more blessings to come from our home to yours.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Allergy Relief Products

Have you gone in Boxing Day sale lately? Though this is not an official holiday in the U.s.A compare from the other countries such as UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Hongkong etc. but mostly major retailer companies here in the U.S.A are selling their products on sale after Christmas day. As in they markdown the items half of its price.
On sale items are very tempting! I promise to myself to sleep over of the things that I don't need to buy and to forget it the next day. Sure, I did! But one thing I do really need is an allergy bedding as I needed it desperately! This product would help for my sinus relief that stem from dust mite allergy. That's because the reduction of airborne contaminants is the number one method of relieving allergy symptoms.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I have been very busy since last a couple of days ago. First, my work demanded so much of my time and energy as I couldn't have take a time to grocery to complete the ingredients of the food I am going to cook for today's Christmas lunch here at home. Second, the husband and I have to attend a dinner party over to our friends house at Christmas eve. Third, my last minute shopping at the grocery store which has too much traffic. Lastly, the cooking and preparation of the food as I hosted a lunch party with the in-laws today.

Thank god the party is just over. The husband and the dog driving off my in-laws at their home at the moment. Once again I had so much fun celebrating Christmas with the family. We had an exchanged gifts as usual.

I'll tell you more stories later. Have to take a nap. So tired.
Hope you all are well and happy this Christmas. God bless you all.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


It's cold in here!
The weather today is 54degrees, because of that, I got running nose.
Luckily it didn't snow here in Florida or else I will get froze!
It's time to go to bed now--- for burrow.

Good night everyone!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Hip To Get Online Degree

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Just So You Know

Everyday is always the same day to me. Woke up late in the morning- internet at spare time- eat lunch at 2PM- work at evening- back home at midnight- sleep at wee hour in the morning. These are all started when I'm working in a retail company especially this holiday seasons. This whole experience are new to me. I learn so many things from this job. Many funny stories that I wish to share. It's easy but hard for me because this is something that I have not tried before. There were days that I hate to go to work but I kept myself up in order for me to go-- in my mind I needed this in order for me to learn and to grow as a person. When I'm at work negative things in my mind will be forgetting. I'm happy seeing those beautiful clothes, shoes, accesories, bags, perfumes, that I love--shallow guilty pleasures, you know. :-)

Besides, I feel so greatful of this opportunity that it comes my way. I count this as a blessing because I was one of those thousands struggling unemployed people. I believe that things will change for me someday as long as there's still LIFE.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Study Hard

My sister emailed me about her Nursing school studies-- it wasn't that easy. It's like when a desperate women trying to lose weight and study the diet pill review  just to get a knowledge. That's what my little sister does. Memorizing medical terms, diseases, medicines and parts of the body makes her nuts big time! Poor her. She got eyebags and dark around her eyes from lack of sleep because of her study until late at night and do her duties in the hospital too. It paid all her hardwork though because she got her degree in Nursing. She also just finished her board exams and hopefully be a registered nurse one of these days. I am so proud of her. I will always be.

The Burke Series

When I came across Andrew Vachss's  book Flood I like it right away. It made me not to stop reading until the end of the book--- that's how interesting the story was. I didn't know nor heard Andrew Vachss books until those days. Thanks to my mother-in-law! Because of her I hadn't known the book. She has multiple Anrew Vachss book collections and others. Books which I always ignored (to read) whenever I'm in her house.  But I guess the right time has come, and that's when I started reading it!

Anywho, Andrew Vachss is one of the best-top-seller novel book writer in the U.S.A His written work has been published or translated in different foreign countries such us Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Greece, etcetera. Flood is the very first written book of him and it goes on-in-on with plenty of series. Its called The Burke Series from the name of the main character of his book. I'll tell you the stories are fascinating, the main character Burke are smart guy, witty, and has a good heart for the children and women. I love Michelle, Mama, and Pansy (his dog!). They all so like real and funny... oops the dog doesn't talk but she knows what exactly happening. Pansy has a very interesting character. I feel like I'm in New York (in the bad street sides) while reading these series. It scares me. Hehe

Anyway, I finished Flood. I'm on Strega now. And the list continues....
Blue Belle
Hard Candy
Down in the Zero
Footsteps of the Hawk
False Allegations
Safe House
Choice of Evil
Dead and Gone
Pain Management
Only Child
Down Here
Mask Market
Another Life

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Holiday Vacations

This coming Christmas holiday is the best way to get away from the reality-- we all deserves to get a break from the hustle and bustle life at least once in a while, and that orlando vacations especially in Disney World is the best place to feel and see the magics. I would love to go there. They said, it is the most beautiful atmosphere that you can imagine during those time. Tones of spectacular lights are everywhere! Entertainments, games, and lots and lots of fun that we could experience in there. So much FUN.

A Loot From An Old Folks

When I learned that I'm going to have this electric sewing machine as a gift from a friend I thought I would faint! How can't I? This sewing machine saves me lots of buck for hemming my pants at the local sewing dressers. To hem a pair of pants cost me around 10dollars-- its too much. In order for me to get away from paying for the hem I ended up buying a capri pants instead of skinny jeans or other regular jeans because it is way to long for me. I don't have a long legs. I am just a petite 5'0 tall, so, there is no way I could get a pants that has a lenght will fits me (unless I shop in the Philippines).

I was so pleased of my sewing machine. In fact, I already hemmed all the pants I had that needed for hemming, that's how desperate I was.

Monday, December 07, 2009

A Simple Gift Makes Some People Happy

Getting a Christmas gift for my family especially for my husband who is picky and very simple person is a big challenge for me to shop the gifts. As in he doesn't like jewelries, any leather stuff to own, he doesn't want me to spend a lot of money for him even though he loves electronics although I'm thinking of getting him an industrial computer or any computer for his personal business but I can't buy because as I've said he doesn't want me to spend too much money for him. Sometimes I ended up buying him clothes, and he was happy with it. Wayyyy HAPPY!

Under My Christmas Tree

As the days went by so fast my anticipation of celebrating Christmas day makes me more excites. Just because the husband and I will be hosting a dinner on Christmas in our house (really love to do this), and also because opening the gifts are way more exciting! I just can't wait. Really. Under our Christmas tree has lots of goodies already for everybody in the family as a matter of fact there are more to come. I'm not finished shopping gifts yet. Have you?

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Holiday Shopping

I got a great shopping deal last Black Friday, imagine, I bought a branded dress for just 13bucks from its original price of 89bucks, it was a great great deal! What a steal! I was so happy with my purchases. I couldn't buy those branded clothes if it wasn't the price marked down to 80% off scoring clearance during Black Friday shopping makes me a happy camper. I love to shop during those holiday times. It's a pleasure.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Damian's Quote:

While chatting with him via YM this afternoon.

Me: I'm glued at my computer right now watching pacman vs. cotto's ring match replay on video thru gensan news website.

Damian: Great!
Me: It's fun..
Damian: Well, Many Pacquiao + Tiger Woods = cheating their wife!

Hehehe Silly.