Sunday, January 03, 2010


I watched this movie last night with the husband, I'll tell you, there are none boring scenes in this movie. James Cameron (the writer and the director of this movie) is a genius! I'm not exaggerating. Avatar is just pretty awesome! I love it.

The message of  the story? Many. It's all up on you on how you interpreted it. My husband interpretation is quote: "all living things depend on each other in the cycle of life, and that mankind should not exploit living things for greed ". Unquote: He's right. I agree.

My interpretation-- is that there is no impossible when it comes to love.

How about the story? Its magical, full of actions, love, science fictions.  Very well done.

How about the characters? I was frustrated by Jake Sully (the lead actor, played by Sam Worthington) his out of control at first especially when he became an Avatar went to the island of Na'vi he gets lost! Well later on, I'm glad he did because he mets princess alien Neytiri (played by Zoe Saldana-- she was great!) and they fall in love. The villain Colonel Quaritch was made me angry. I hated him! duh!!! (that's why he called villain) LOL            

The cinematography, sounds effect, the graphic designs are beyond imaginations. It's beautiful!

You'll see how the movie affected me? Just because it created very well done. So watch na!

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