Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Catastrophe in Haiti

(photo via cnn dot com)

When I learned the Haiti's earthquake aftermath that day my heart was aching and I then cried. It was so depressing seeing lots of people died, scared, sad and hopeless. It was a catastrophe that I couldn't imagine. The whole nation is ruined. They need more an emergency evacuation a descent place for them to hang on. I felt bad for those kids, so bad. I prayed for Haitian's future and for our future as well, may God help us. I do really hate to talk about nega on my blog, it's depressing but reality do bites me. I just wanna express my sincere sorry for what had happened to Haiti, my family contributes to help them as much as we can. Let's just pray for their easy recovery. 

xoxo, Belle

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