Wednesday, January 06, 2010

FoodTrip: Mongolian Beef

Dinning out at our favorite Chinese restaurant (in a cold-windy day) yesterday. After we found a table, we ordered hot tea right away just because we are shivering from the coldness outside. Grrrr..

i love Wanton Soup perfect during winter it brings warm into my body, not to mention it taste good, their broth is just perfect-- 5 stars!!
For my main entree I ordered Mongolian Beef with fried rice of course.. but why oh why their Mongolian Beef taste different from other Chinese restaurants? That I don't understand. Can somebody explain it to me?! :) I was expecting the same Mongolian Beef I always had from the Philippines. We had the best Chinese Mandarin restaurant there. I swear! Those restaurant are always packed with people they never running out of customers even bad time. Ha! But hey, the Mongolian beef I had yesterday is not bad at all, I ate most of it. I gave 3.5 stars for it but I won't order it again.

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