Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Franchise Business Opportunity

There are many franchise opportunities out there to choose from for those who are interested in business. Who would not like to have our own business anyway? The question is do we have enough money? Let's save for it if we don't have! LOL Seriously, I dreamed to have my own food businesses like bakery shop, chocolate shop, ice cream shop, specifically a Laduree shop. Though I've never been in to any Laduree shop until now, I just learned it from TV, magazines and blogs that this store is so famous in Paris, France. They made extra ordinary and expensive chocolate, macaroons, and pastries that you would buy more often. If I have a millions of moolah right now I will get a franchise of it here in the USA. Please pinch me!! LOL 

(photo via: Interweb images)

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